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Best styling product for converting a frizzy bonce into silky tresses?

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HouseOfBamboo · 06/04/2012 16:13

That's it really. Ideally something that kind of flattens it as well - it's currently too fluffy looking, with added wiry bits...

OP posts:
LoopyLoeufdePaques · 06/04/2012 16:16

Babyliss Big Hair.

HouseOfBamboo · 06/04/2012 16:20

Ta - I already have one which has been gathering dust since I had my hair cut. Blush I guess I could resurrect it and try and wrap my inadequate bits of hair around it.

OP posts:
LoopyLoeufdePaques · 06/04/2012 16:26

Do that. And good straighteners. A bit of Frizz Ease and Bob's your uncle!

MummyPocPoc · 06/04/2012 16:38

If you wash your hair with conditioner only, and don't use any shampoo, not only will your hair be clean and shiny, it will not have any frizz and you won't need any products, except perhaps spray to fix it with.

I haven't washed my hair with shampoo for 8 months Shock and it has never been in such good condition. I spent years using moisturising shampoo, conditioner, serums etc and nothing works as effectively as this! Grin

I know it sounds a bit Hmm but it does work - and you don't get greasy roots either, so you can go far longer without washing your hair.

You just wet hair, apply conditioner, give scalp a good massage with pads of fingers, and rinse thoroughly. Repeat if hair was a bit grubby to begin with. You may need to downgrade your conditioner i.e. from one for dry hair to one for normal hair, but that's all.

I now use Alberto Balsam or Sainsbo own brand conditioner, cheap and most effective - and they don't contain parabens which definitely makes my hair even more frizzy and crispy.

Conditioner contains surfactants, and your hair does feel very clean after washing this way Smile and it is very cheap too! Grin

myalias · 06/04/2012 16:46

Tommy Guns Fig, plum and marshmallow shampoo and Climate Control Styling Spray works for my frizz

LesserOfTwoWeevils · 06/04/2012 21:57

What MummyPocPoc said.
Have a look at // or google the Curly Girls method for more info and some amazing before-and-after pictures.

carrielou2007 · 07/04/2012 10:48

Might try this tomorrow as I have very very thick wavy hair which I wash, dry and GHD every day. I spend on every serum/spray/product there is to smooth my hair. The closes I have found is the cheap as chips Treseme heat styling spray has made a real difference to my hair, good old frizz ease and mythic oil.

I'm sat here now with dry unstraightened hair and it looks like a fluffy bush Blush but once GHD'd it is the hair I wanted all my life until I found GHD's Grin

Not going anywhere tomorrow (and will be so fat from scoffing too many of the dc's easter eggs with them might try the 'no poo' method

HepHep · 07/04/2012 11:20

Another vote for at least trying the curly girl method.

trixymalixy · 07/04/2012 12:32

I think I might try washing my hair just with conditioner. I do this with DD and her hair is beautiful but it never occurred to me to do it with my own, doh!!!

MadameChinLegs · 07/04/2012 12:44

GHDs. I have wavy and VERY frizzy hair. After washing, I blow dry it and starting underneath do little sections with the straighteners until my whole head is done.

I'm not even fussed about my hair being straight, its just that they totally de-fuzz my hair.

TitWillow · 07/04/2012 14:16

Frizz ease is generally rubbish, but try the Three Days Straight spray - I use it on my fringe, which is almost afro in texture, and with straighteners, and this stuff, it goes all beautiful and smooth, and I can go outdoors without it immediately curling up into a frizzy mess.

You must all buy it - I will not cope if it gets discontinued! [bugrin]

SilverSixpence · 07/04/2012 14:18

I've heard good things about Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer but not tried it out yet myself.

HouseOfBamboo · 07/04/2012 16:31

Thanks for all the tips folks [busmile]

I did the conditioner only thing this morning and my hair does feel soft. I tried my (non GHD) straighteners on it with mixed success, they are good at defrizzing the bits round my parting but I get funny straight poky bits on my fringe so I need to practise. Will have a go with the BBH again.

I'll have a bash with some of the other products too when I can lay my hands on them - I do like a good product!

OP posts:
HepHep · 07/04/2012 16:51

There's a nice UK forum called British Curlies if you are interested in continuing to ditch the conditioner. Lots of helpful forums about products and methods.

HepHep · 07/04/2012 16:51

Oh, ditch the shampoo, rather, and wash with conditioner. Doh :)

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