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Gap Maxi Dress

5 replies

OhCobblers · 03/04/2012 19:15

Has anyone bought the Gap Goddess Maxi Dress (down to £25 from £40 in the Gap "all dresses £25" Sale).
It looks fabulous on the hanger but even though i'm carrying a few extra pounds and thats being kind to myself I don't think its going to look much better when i've lost the weight, and by then I'm too late for a refund.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Such a shame as its a brilliant bargain at that price Sad

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monkeysmama · 03/04/2012 20:26

Don't now how much help this is but I have two of their maternity maxi dresses and they're not that clingy.

I do try not to buy things for the size I "should / want to be soon" though iykwim as they hardly ever get worn.

OhCobblers · 03/04/2012 23:13

thanks for your reply MM i'm steadily losing the weight so it won't be long now but the size i bought is the size i normally wear and looks fine on. However, for me, it clings immediately under the bust and then "flows out" so gives the idea that i'm bigger than i am - not the look i was hoping for Grin. I think buying the next size down might be pushing it!!

i think it will have to go back as i have a new mantra of "only buy it if i love it and more importantly it FITS properly" !!!

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shelley72 · 04/04/2012 06:25

i posted about this very same dress last night! i think mine is going back. i ordered the S and it makes me look pregnant (which sadly im not), tis very billowy. its a shame as it looks lovely on the model. the search continues...

OhCobblers · 04/04/2012 14:30

shelley yes same here and as you say on the model it looks fabulous and lovely material AND an amazing price - shame Gap haven't got anything else i like in their "dress sale".

OP posts:
shelley72 · 04/04/2012 15:08

I did order anther which I'm keeping, comes in coral and navy and is knee length . Can't link as I'm on phone. Seems much better fit. Still after a maxi though ..

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