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Over 40s shouldn't wear jeans?

13 replies

chicaguapa · 01/04/2012 21:03

Says Joan Collins. Hmm

So what are we supposed to wear instead?

Tbf I look miles better in work trousers than I do jeans, which make my tummy much bigger. Just not sure what I'd wear if I didn't wear jeans. I'm a jeans & jumper/ vest & cardigan kind of girl. Not sure skirts are my thing tbh. Confused

OP posts:
MrsAlexanderSkarsgard · 01/04/2012 21:05

What a load of old bollocks! Who died and put her in charge???

MrsCampbellBlack · 01/04/2012 21:05

She didn't say it and was quite cross on twitter about the mis-quote.

But I wear jeans as they really suit me.

ujjayi · 01/04/2012 21:06

A load of tosh. I am 41 and have a large collection of skinny jeans - black, indigo and a plentiful supply of coloured skinnies too :)

Wear what works for you and makes the most of your figure.

GleamingHeels · 01/04/2012 21:11

FFS! I am way over 40, so is my DH and indeed my parents... Joan Collins is an eejit, loads of people look absolutely great in jeans whatever their ages and some just like wearing them regardless

Pinkglow · 01/04/2012 21:11

There are loads of over 50s (well over the supposed cut off age of 40 Hmm )in my town and quite a few swan around in the skinny jean/bellowing white shirt combo and I think they look great!

dexter73 · 01/04/2012 21:21

Would you really take fashion advice from Joan Collins Hmm?

bigTillyMint · 01/04/2012 21:22

What dester said.

defineme · 01/04/2012 21:25

My Mum is 64, has lovely legs, and looks fab in her black skinny jeans and floaty top.

MrsCampbellBlack · 01/04/2012 21:30

She didn't say it though but rant away

BettyBathroom · 02/04/2012 10:21

Sounds like something she would say though - she's pretty opinionated about how she thinks other people should be!

supernannyisace · 02/04/2012 10:25

Ha ha! Love it.

I live in jeans. If it is sunny and I want to get my legs out I have alovely denim skirt. Grin

Joan Collins does look good for her age , and I guess it is up to her if she chooses not to wear jeans. But she can't dictate to the rest of us.

Actually I thinkI remember her commenting something along the lines of everyone who wears jeans looks the same - hence why she doesn't wear them! I think???

golb7 · 02/04/2012 10:51

That's not what she said. Non-story.

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