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Dry skin brushing - is it supposed to hurt?

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trinni · 01/04/2012 11:40

I have purchased a brush with reasonably soft bristles and little nodules and intend to start usuing it regularly to see if my horrible, stubborn celulite will improve.

I tried it yesterday for the first time and wonder how I should be doing this?

How long please and how firmly because it really bloody hurts!

OP posts:
ParsleyTheLioness · 01/04/2012 18:43

Shouldn't hurt you, sounds like you're doing it too enthusiastically! I was told light strokes in lengths, all moving towards the heart. I aim for about five minutes before the shower but normally forget to do it.

trinni · 01/04/2012 22:13

Thanks Parsley, I didn't think it should be so uncomfortable. I did however, think it needed a bit of vigour to have any effect.

I will try again using your technique.

OP posts:
ParsleyTheLioness · 02/04/2012 05:43

Good luck if I thought brushing any harder would get rid of my humungous thighs I would have done it by now Grin

trinni · 02/04/2012 15:34

Indeed! Grin

OP posts:
Hopefully · 02/04/2012 15:42

Quite gently, but it should leave your skin a big tingly (I think the tingly feeling is because of/causes increased blood flow, which is what helps improve the appearance of the skin).

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