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Where can I get boys shoes for my DS with big feet.....

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theladylovescupcakes · 28/03/2012 15:33

He's only 10 and has size 7.5 feet. I don't really want to start buying men's shoes just yet, price being one thing, but I would be worried that they would damage his feet. I'm guessing that his bones would still be soft (?) and growing.

Any suggestions please? Trainers would do at a push but would prefer shoes. Thanks.

OP posts:
dost · 28/03/2012 16:45

I work in an independant childrens shoe shop, we do up to an adult size 6, i think ull struggle to get a child shoe to be bigger to b honest, reason being most shoe manufacturers stop at a size 6 as any bigger VAT is added as they r classed as adult sizing (some r less than a 6, ugg and converse for exame) adults shoes r made just as well/good quality as childrens, some makes will b wider/narrower than others, it'll b a try Lots on and c wots best fit

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