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Home made hand scrub?

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belindarose · 27/03/2012 11:21

My hands and nails are really dry and in bad condition. I once had a lovely hand scrub from Virgin Vie, but can't afford that kind of thing at the moment. Does anyone make their own? I'm thinking of some brown sugar/ oil combo.

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whackamole · 27/03/2012 11:37

Brown sugar and lemon juice. I can't remember the exact combo, but you are supposed to leave it on as a mask for a few minutes.

I haven't tried it as I have eczema on my hands, but it sounds good!

MargueritaaPracatan · 27/03/2012 11:41

Olive oil and sugar! Ace.

auldspinster · 27/03/2012 12:13

I find a bit of bicarbonate of soda mixed in with handwash does the trick.

HettyKett · 27/03/2012 12:18

Oil and sugar is great, but used coffee grounds works fantastically (believe it or not!)

belindarose · 27/03/2012 13:17

I have lots of used coffee grounds every day! Can't imagine the fragrance being as nice as lemon juice, but I'll give it a go. Thanks everyone.

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