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Gentle face wash without sls

11 replies

Bluebirdpies · 26/03/2012 20:41

I've just found out that my beloved dermalogica special cleansing gel is sls based.

Is there anything amazing and similar but without sls?

*Weeps over the loss of a very long relationship with dermalogica?

OP posts:
ScarfOfSexualPreference · 26/03/2012 20:56

Erm, this may sound stupid but.... what is sls?

warmandwooly · 26/03/2012 21:20
warmandwooly · 26/03/2012 21:22

Page with facial wash

PerryCombover · 26/03/2012 21:28

I think all REN skincare is sls free

Bluebirdpies · 26/03/2012 21:30

Thanks for the links. Will give them a go, their shower gel is lovely.

Sls - sodium lauryl sulphate - acts a a foamer, can be an irritant. I have awful excema and sls makes it flare up for me.

Totally missed the fact the face wash had it in it.

OP posts:
ScarfOfSexualPreference · 26/03/2012 21:47

Ok, I get it now- nice link Warm, I may try that brand.

ScarfOfSexualPreference · 26/03/2012 21:48

Thanks Bluebird- I would have known that had I googled! Silly me, the more you learn though. Just been through my toiletries looking for nasties!

teejwood · 26/03/2012 22:31

the caudelie foaming cleanser is nice and sls free but maybe not the most deep cleansing linky

ZacharyQuack · 26/03/2012 23:02

Trilogy cleansers are all sls-free and lovely to use.

supernannyisace · 27/03/2012 09:26

I use this.

green people

It is a creamy cleanser - not at all what Iwould have chosen before - but can be rinsed off with water. It feels nice too - not claggy or anything.

whitelillies · 27/03/2012 09:40

i love origins... not sure if there s sls or not in it but might be worht a look...

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