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Can someone help me with interesting leather flats?

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paranoidandsunburnt · 25/03/2012 16:53

BOTH my big toenails have come off. It is disgusting.

My go-to hottish weather shoes are birkenstocks with a back strap. I'll pause while you recoil in horror.

Anyway! The only flats I have seen and really liked are these Jimmy Choo ones but that is out of my pricerange.

But I like the colour, the leather-ness and the detailing.

I thought these from next were nice, but they're not leather and ideally I want something which won't kill my feet.

Would really appreciate any and all suggestions!

OP posts:
paranoidandsunburnt · 25/03/2012 16:58

Are these awful? I am not sure about the fake pebbles!

OP posts:
londonlottie · 25/03/2012 17:15

Toms do some nice ballet flats - like here

I thought I was going to like the JC ones you'd linked to but thought NO NO NO!

IMO it's worth spending a bit on ballet flats if you can as you get a bit more support and they're more comfortable. Other favourite brands of mine are Pretty Ballerina, French Sole, and Repetto.

paranoidandsunburnt · 25/03/2012 20:23

Thanks for the link! I like Toms as a company but the only flats of theirs I liked was the leopard ones Wink

I find 'true' ballerinas a bit flimsy iykwim.

OP posts:
londonlottie · 25/03/2012 20:34

I know what you mean, and I suffer from foot problems so can't wear many of them. But the pricier ones (am thinking my last pair of Pretty B's and current pair of Repetto) are pretty sturdy and have lasted really well, as well as being comfortable.

Anyway, what's wrong with the leopard ones? ;)

paranoidandsunburnt · 25/03/2012 21:17

Ah, I have foot issues too (hence birkies!), and that's reassuring, thankyou!

Nothing is 'wrong' with the leopard ones, I love the shape actually! But they look like they could be easily stained and along with having no taste I am v clumsy!

OP posts:
crazyaccountant · 25/03/2012 23:36

You need a pair of these
They come in a choice of colours as do these all real leather and so soft and comfy!
And these
I have a few pairs of jimmy choo flats and these from dune are actually more comfortable so I buy them each season in new colours!

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