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Facial Hair Removal

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CarpeJugulum · 25/03/2012 11:49

To paraphrase the creme egg advert... "How do you do yours?!"

Since having DS, I'm finding more and more wispy and bloody dark long hairs. One day nothing, the next - about 10! My moustache is also becoming longer and more noticeable - especially in the sunlight.

I get my eyebrows waxed (tried threading and after 6 hairs I was screaming so not doing that again) but it does leave me with that red after effect for a day or two. I am therefore loath to try it on my upper lip. I also bought the veet home wax kit (roller pen warmed in hot water) to do my eyebrows, and I just ended up with sticky hairs Hmm

I've seen nair facial depiliatory cream in boots - but the online reviews have put me off as they all seem to say it's crap.

So, tell me oh wise and sage MNet gurus -

  1. what do you do
  2. how long does the effect last
  3. how red/marked are you after it & how long does effect last
  4. how much does it hurt?
OP posts:
porkypine · 25/03/2012 12:46
  1. laser hair removal at a private medical clinic (not a beauty salon place)
  2. you get it done every 4-ish weeks and i buy a course of 7 sessions.
  3. a little red, but nothing frozen peas and some aloe vera won't clear up overnight.
  4. it's a bit like an elastic band being pinged on you. doesn't hurt really.

I've noticed a big difference in both texture and regrowth. the ones that do grow back are thinner so less noticeable. I'm finishing a course for my moustache and the difference is noticeable but I do think I'll need top-up sessions once in a while as I don't think it is truly truly permanent. I am very hairy - very pale and have dark black hairs on my face so I've had another course sort of jaw-line - again, the difference has been amazing. That really has transformed my life, because now I can wear my hair up without thinking about it and being self conscious. I'll need top-ups because there is some dark hair still there, but a massive reduction from what it was.

I would seriously consider it. I don't think it's that expensive considering how effective it is. And I wouldn't go to a beauty salon to get it done - they have more powerful lasers at nurse-led clinics (think Harley Medical Group etc).
spendthrift · 25/03/2012 12:53

For quick emergencies the veet stuff is fine. But do it at night so that you have time for the red effect to wear off.

I agree laser not so permanent as is made out but I haven't tried a medical led clinic.

I'm a wuss about waxing.

LucyManga · 25/03/2012 13:02

I have my eyebrows and 'tache threaded every 6 weeks.

warmandwooly · 25/03/2012 13:26
YouChangeWithTheWeather · 25/03/2012 13:58

Epilator with facial attachment although tbh it's quicker with the leg attachment when there's a lot of ground to cover Blush

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