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Buckingham Palace - What to wear?

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internationalchic · 25/03/2012 04:55

I apologize in advance, Im American and have just been invited as a date to Buckingham Palace for a meal. My British date lost the invite and is not at all concerned that he can't remember the details like dress, exact time, etc. Its May 4 and he says "early afternoon to evening, dancing involved and he is wearing a black suit, ivory shirt, silver links and tie pin".

What do I wear???? and what should I expect to see/protocol, etc.? Anyone have contact details at the Palace I can ask?

Ive read hosiery and closed toes shoes are a must. Gloves? Shawl? I am torn between two dresses, but think they may be too formal (is that possible?). They are below:

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UKSky · 25/03/2012 12:59

Your date will have to obtain the information again, as there are generally strict codes when attending events at Buckingham Palace.

You may need to wear a hat. You will probably have to wear a dress with either tights or stockings.

It could be formal or cocktail wear and you HAVE to get it right. If not, you will be turned away.

If it is a garden party you have to wear a dress with stockings/tights and a hat (not a fascinator)

Probably the best place to start if you want to look into it yourself is the Public Information Office and they will be able to pass you on to the correct department. They don't use email:

(+44) (0)20 7930 4832

spendthrift · 25/03/2012 13:04

Your date will also need the invitation for security. Or used to. So he'd better start looking.

Agree all the dress code points.

internationalchic · 25/03/2012 16:56

Thanks for the contact number. I figured the invitation was a security issue but you know men, can't tell them anything.

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