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A challenge for you - wedding in Greece, 80+ degrees, outfits needed

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OhdearDH · 25/03/2012 00:26

DH and I are looking forward to my brother's wedding in Greece this summer - but we haven't a clue what to wear, so we need your help :)

DH thinks he can wear shorts to the ceremony Confused which I've vetoed.

I've had a beautiful empire line maxi dress delivered today for the holiday that amazed me by looking so lovely when I put it on, except it's black.

It's not a beach wedding but it's not in a church either. I don't think a suit would be appropriate for DH as it's just going to be too hot for that, but any suggestions for him?

And is a black dress ok for me to wear for the ceremony or not? The one I had delivered today is just lovely but not sure the colour is appropriate for a wedding.

I'd also love some nice linen trousers for the evenings (we're there for a week) but quite frankly they terrify me, as they tend to show up every lump and bump.

I'm a size 16, 5ft 7ins but hope to be a bit slimmer by July.

DH is 6ft and would like something quite funky (I can't see him in chinos and a pink shirt-type get up) - but shorts are ruled out!

Any recommendations for either of us, for both the ceremony and for evenings out, would be appreciated :)

OP posts:
FauxFox · 25/03/2012 09:16

For DH linen trousers and a striped short sleeve shirt or patterned one

For you wear the black maxi but add a bright scarf That ebay seller has loads of colours if you are not keen on the pink and such a bargain! Add bright shoes or wedges and a statement ring or chunky bracelet - beautiful!

Linen trousers can be saggy and shapeless, i'd go for some with a jeans cut rather than lumpy unflattering drawstring ones and pockets on the bum help avoid VPL/lumpy bum showing!

PippiL · 25/03/2012 09:32

I would let him wear shorts! Some smart good quality linen ones that are long enough to be decent. He won't want to wear shoes anyway so perhaps some birkies and a bright shirt?

I went to a wedding in Italy in August and wore a simple bright cotton dress from great plains that was empire cut and just below the knee.

It was bloody boiling. Dh wore a suit and regretted it. He just got sweatier and sweatier. Not a good look.

Maraki · 25/03/2012 09:35

Hi, I'm Greek (and been to lots of weddings!). Would love to help, but need more details as dress code differs according to the type of wedding. People do dress formally for weddings in Greece and they tend to be an evening affair, evening dress is appropriate. Men usually wear thin, light coloured suit and keep jackets on (to hide sweatmarks on shirts) with a tie, if they are close family, if not, then stone or beige coloured suit trousers with a white or light blue shirt and tie is what everyone wears.
Women do wear black to weddings in Greece but with a lot if accessories, bright makeup, etc so that the whole outfit looks eveningy and not funerally. Women usually dress up but seldom wear long (maxi) dresses, they love evening coctail dresses with high heeled sandals.
If the wedding is during the daytime, usual rules apply: a day dress with herls would do. A black maxi dress would look out of place (but would be fine for a late afternoon wedding with dinner afterwards).
However, if the wedding is in a holiday resort or on an island, people tend to wear smart linnen stuff, linnen trousers, white or stone coured (everyone has a tan so they look great) with big bold jewellery. If your wedding is in the afternoon, your black maxi with flat gold or silver sandals and lots of jewellerly would be appropriate too.
Hope this helps...

pommedechocolat · 25/03/2012 09:36

At a very similar wedding three years ago dh wore a cream linen suit with white shirt and I wore a ted baker navy and white striped knee length empire line sleeveless dress.

Maraki · 25/03/2012 09:39

Eeeer sorry pippil, people only wear shorts when they go swimming in Greece and do wear suits to weddings in a heateave. Shorts on DH at a wedding will label them as 'the tourist'

PippiL · 25/03/2012 10:55

Yeah but the Greeks are used to the heat. I would rather be labelled as a tourist!

Mind you, some light linen trousers would be a compromise although sweaty creased linen doesn't look great, esp by the end of the night.

monkeysmama · 25/03/2012 11:13

We've been to lots of summer weddings in Italy & dp has been fine in a linen suit. The M&S Italian Collection usually do a pretty decent fitted linen suit each summer & Massimo Dutti do good ones too. Dp's favourite is Armani if you're looking to spend more. I'm not sure what you mean by "funky" but there are lots of floral shirts about atm and a floral linen shirt could look a bit different under a linen suit.

Remember sunglasses too.

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