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Things my OH should have learned not to say to me by now...

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BettyNoir · 24/03/2012 18:47

This morning I asked DH if he thought what I was wearing was ok - wide leg jeans and new top from Asda (has swans on and cutouts at shoulders).

Response: "It's a bit revealing."

This was then followed with: "You don't feel good about yourself just now, do you? You've been buying loads of clothes and make up lately to make you happy and it doesn't seem to be helping."

Do you know what? This might be true but why does he think that spelling it out for me would make me feel any better?

Please tell me I'm not the only person with a husband like this...

OP posts:
LtheWife · 24/03/2012 19:09

Sounds better than my DH. Back when I still bothered to ask his opinion on clothes he would respond with "hmmm not sure" and then suggest something along the lines of what his hippy ex used to wear! I eventually figured out after meeting her that it wasn't because he wanted me to dress like his ex, but more she was so overbearing that he'd had it drummed in to him that that's what women were supposed to wear. Since discovering his sense of style had been so warped by said overbearing ex I've just given up asking him.

Jessicaalbastwin · 24/03/2012 19:17

My husband knows better to keep his mouth shut, but having said that if he thinks something doesn't suit me, he will tell me in a nice way, which is fine. He doesn't really care about what I wear tbh, if I ask him, he just says "Yes you look good in anything", but I think it's because he is not paying attention.

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