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Do you have a bunion? What summer shoes do you wear?

27 replies

EvenBetter · 24/03/2012 18:25

I have crap feet, they're skeletal and one has a bunion which is making my toe go further and further in the wrong direction.

So wearing any kind of flip-flops is a disaster-I trip constantly and get foot cramp from trying to cling onto them, and chafed bit where the thing is between the toes. I can wear minging Birkenstock type things which make me feel embarrassed (?!) but they're comfy and those gladiator type things have a really thin sole so aren't ok for walking about on holiday?

OP posts:
belindarose · 24/03/2012 18:32

I go for the mingling Birkenstocks, but then I have no style at the best of times! Interested in your responses.

belindarose · 24/03/2012 18:32

Minging, not mingling!

cornsilksit1 · 24/03/2012 18:43

I've bought a pair of crocs shoes here for work to wear with dresses. Comfy and they look okay.

cornsilksit1 · 24/03/2012 18:45

HAVAIANAS here are super comfy

LemonEmmaP · 24/03/2012 18:49

I have a couple of pairs of shoes that are years old that I rely on - I'm dreading the day they give up on me! One is a pair of white, flat Mary Jane shoes - a bit like some of the Skecher styles (which is my back up plan when my current ones die). The others are a pair of sandals that I bought from Wallis - they are slip on, but have a bar across my toes and another across my instep, with a T bar link (so like an H across my foot if that makes sense). They are comfy, although can fall off, but I think that the bar across helps to disguise the bunion (whereas a normal flip flop just seems to emphasise it). The nearest I can find on a quick search is these although mine don't have the strap around the heel, and the cross straps are a bit wider.

I should warn you I have little style so this may not help!

euphrosyne · 24/03/2012 18:51

I second havaianas. Also have 2 bunions Sad

takeonboard · 24/03/2012 18:56

I have 2, but couldn't wear any kind of flip flop as they don't cover the bunion at all.
I dead summer for this reason. Sad

cornsilksit1 · 24/03/2012 18:58

look ion the crocs website they have loads of shoe/sandal type styles and they don't rub.

pinkhebe · 24/03/2012 19:04

See I find that crocs rub after a while Sad I had a pair from bHS Blush that were so comfy I bought a second pair, but now they've worn out and I spent the last year sandleless. I can't have any shoe that has a bar across my bunions, or flip flops as they are uncomfy. wishes she could just wear boots throughout the summer . I have a pair of sketchers type shoe from clarkes that I have to wear although they smell

I also suffer with skeletal feet, meaning that anything around my ankle also rubs

magso · 24/03/2012 19:24

I also have bunions which I prefer to hide! Mary Jane styles (using colour or patent to get away from the oldlady classic look) and boys plimsols are my main fall backs because they cover but stay on. I had orthotics made to try to stop my feet getting worse, so have to use closed shoes to fit these in. I do have some sandals - the rushed cross over styles in soft leather sometimes work, or good quality multistrap styles ( like the very flat Earth dazzle from Love those shoes). Orthotic based sandals and flipflops tend to wider in the forefoot (such as the Think! Julia from Shoon) and can be worth paying more for if the strap hides the offending toe! What about clogs or are they out now ( I wouldn't know)?

EvenBetter · 24/03/2012 22:49

Some good ideas, thank you! I'm off to stalk those links now :)
Also good to know I'm not alone!
I don't mind the bunion being on display as I have old man legs which can't be overshadowed by owt!
are Havaianas comfortable?? I'd love just a normal pair of flip-flops!

I got a nice pair of sandals last year in Schuh, they have a Birkenstock type sole but thin silver straps and diamanté! But I don't think they'll hold up to a holiday in India!

OP posts:
IShallWearMidnight · 24/03/2012 23:19

I had two bunions up till a couple of years ago (surgery, was fab, still have fat wide feet but no bunions) - I coped with Crocs, then toe post sandals - which didn't hide the bunions (although to be honest only a big black plastic bag would have hidden them, but would have been a touch noticeable Wink), and then discovered Birkenstock Gizehs, which might not look the nicest, but were so incredibly comfortable that I didn't care.

And now post surgery, I'm seriously considering staying with them.

TBH, with decently groomed feet (no cracked heels, unchipped nail varnish) I found that no-one other than me noticed the bunions, so struggling to fins shoes to hide them for years was a bit of a waste of time.

PippiL · 25/03/2012 10:40

Birkies are good as they give arch support which will take the pressure off the base of your big toe joint.

I'm going to buy the mayori or tabora style so don't rub on me newly created bunions!

anniewoo · 25/03/2012 10:48

Evenbetter why don't you use a bunion preventer at night? Can be got at a physio supplies shop

soyabean · 25/03/2012 18:09

Anniewoo have you tried it? Does it work?

pinkhebe · 25/03/2012 18:41

I tried one of them, bit of a passion killer at night! And it broke

soyabean · 25/03/2012 18:51

oh dear... did it have any effect on the toes?

pinkhebe · 25/03/2012 19:06

no Grin

EvenBetter · 25/03/2012 19:30

I tried one too! No effect.
I don't necessarily want to hide the bunion, I just find that the bit in between the toes on a flip flop is too big IYKWIM
I have a pair of Havaianas in my 'shopping basket' on the website....

OP posts:
CointreauVersial · 26/03/2012 23:35

I live in flip-flops - heaven for bunions as there's nothing rubbing on it at all.

But I have worn flip flops all my life - you either find them comfy or you don't imho.

anniewoo · 27/03/2012 07:38

Soyabean yes it definitely helps 7/8 hoirs on during the night but is a passion killer and god help you if you've to get up and go to the loo !!!

takeonboard · 27/03/2012 09:07

How does it help anniewoo I mean does it improve the appearance or relieve pain?


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HappyAsEyeAm · 27/03/2012 10:28

I have a bunion on each foot. Summer shoes for me are easier than winter shoes as I hunt around everywhere for sandals that have a few separate straps over the bunion area, so that the bunion can poke through IYKWIM.

I have found K shoes (in Clarks) to be the best. There is usually just the one style that works for me. And footglove in M&S for wedges. Again I am delighted if I can find one style that works for me.

I can't wear flip flops as I cant abide anything that goes between my toes!

anniewoo · 27/03/2012 20:18

Takenonboard- the 'anti bunion' thingy seems to improve the appearance. I' m just getting one (a bunion) so it is not a bad one so i don't have pain. Am trying to prevent it getting worse. Check out a physio supplies store.

takeonboard · 28/03/2012 09:31

thanks anniewoo I will go and google now

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