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help to buy dress for non dress wearer

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yehudiwho · 24/03/2012 18:13

I am in my late 40's and never (no I really mean never) wear dresses and need one for a christening where I will be godmother. I never dress up -jeans and t shirts only.
I am a size 16-18 on top and a 14 bottom -somewhat of a tummy and big boobs-
FIND ME A DRESS which I will feel comfortable in but smart enough for a christening

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faeriefruitcake · 24/03/2012 21:33

I'm also a non dress wearer but I found a nice one for a do here

southeastastra · 24/03/2012 21:37

i have isabella oliver wrap dress and don't wear dresses usually, same size as you \link{\here}

SilkStalkings · 24/03/2012 21:40

Tip for getting into dresses is to get some cheap leggings and wear them underneath, scruff it down a bit while you get get used to the idea. Spring is exactly the right time of year for this and sandal-weather soon. You need to practise, gather evidence that people won't be laughing/pointing/noticing etc.

SilkStalkings · 24/03/2012 21:41

Or if you could chicken out you could get a nice 'Le Smoking' suit a la Marlene Dietrich and really work the fact you don't wear dresses.

yehudiwho · 24/03/2012 21:45

I do like your idea of practising -and thanks for all the links - i wore a wrap dress for my brothers wedding 5 years ago. it looked ok but split under the arm on the way to the reception ! not the best confidence builder when I never wear the bastards

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