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crazyaccountant · 23/03/2012 22:34

Do you have a next nearby? They are having mid season sale tomorrow and there will be suits in it as I ordered a few in my online VIP slot.

FauxFox · 24/03/2012 07:37

I would be inclined to get a classic black or grey jacket for a bit more money this one looks nice to me but you need to try on to get a good fit and choose a style that suits your figure - i'm an hourglass so the one I linked to would be good for me, deep V, single breasted and nipped in waist.

Once you have a good jacket sorted you can go for an assortment of cheaper dresses to go under to balance out the cost - just don't choose the same colour as the jacket so you don't get slightly unmatchy fabric. So with the grey jacket linked this (minus horrid belt), coral, aqua or a black pencil skirt with fitted shirt (those are on 2 for £25 atm and there are a few colours/patterns)

The shoes you linked are ok but a basic court patent is my fav as you don't need to polish them!


Fuctifano · 24/03/2012 13:22

Will try Next thanks, I never seem to be able to get both parts of suits in the sale but might be lucky this time. I really like the Linea jacket, the side buckle detail might actually help me look like I have a waist. The interview is for a permanent post where I have worked on temporary contracts for almost 2 years and I wear black jackets everyday. Do you think I would look as if I was wearing my ordinary work gear? That was why I went for the one I linked too. Dotty P has some fab dresses too - when did that happen?

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