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Clarks Yarra black ankle boot alternative suggestions?

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ViviPru · 22/03/2012 16:50

I am after a transitional boot like the Clarks Yarra in black. I'm reluctant to spend £99 on these ones though as I think I'd probably get more wear out of the walnut pair, which I will probably get at some point.

I really need a similar black ankle boot though for the odd occasion, but much cheaper as I'll only probably wear it every so often. The heel can't be any higher than that at the very most.

Any suggestions please wise ones? Thank you :)

OP posts:
ViviPru · 22/03/2012 16:52

*Meant to add, needs a bit of a heel. A mid heel if you will Grin

OP posts:
MsNorbury · 22/03/2012 17:00

NEXT DO EM and i think marks do too.
I got mine labelled2 dessert boots" a coouple of years ago from house of fraser i found through
tryt here

MsNorbury · 22/03/2012 17:01

oh no these are the Next ones with a rather aggressive toe!

ViviPru · 22/03/2012 17:08

Yes, they really are quite snouty aren't they!

I've found these but I could really do with them being buyable tomorrow....

OP posts:
MsNorbury · 22/03/2012 19:33

there are some NEW yarras on ebay

chandellina · 22/03/2012 21:14

I have the walnut yarras and love them to pieces. Very tempted to get black too but have resisted. So no help for you but they are worth the money IMO, especially if you get with a 20% off code.

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