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Converse; how do the sizes come up?

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ohnoherewego · 21/03/2012 21:51

I need to order Converse online for DD ages 12. She is in a size four shoe. Do they come up normal size or should I get a 5 cos I don't want her to grow out of them too quickly given the cost. I can't get her to ashop to try some on.

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ohyouBadBadkitten · 21/03/2012 22:03

Dd is a 4 and we got her a 5. Fits nicely with a bit of room.

madaboutmadmen · 21/03/2012 22:04

I'm a 4 and i've got a 4, fits well. does she have wide feet? worth going up a size if she does.

ohnoherewego · 21/03/2012 22:07

Thanks; I think I'll go for the 5

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