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Proper boob control for exercise

9 replies

MummyLostInParenthood · 21/03/2012 11:56

Hi all! I have a two month old dd, and am very keen to start tackling my post-partum bulge. I am definitely of the no-dieting-just-do-some-exercise school of thought, and am about to start weekly "buggy bootcamp" classes.

I did a quick jog around my living room to test some new trainers, and after almost knocking myself out, soon realised that I will need some form of sports bra / boob control if I am to do anything beyond a casual stroll.

Thing is I am still breastfeeding, and it seems that the lesser-spotted nursing sports bra is a practically non existent product.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

OP posts:
PerryCombover · 21/03/2012 12:00

will you be nursing in it or exercising in it?

MummyLostInParenthood · 21/03/2012 17:11

Both - that's the point! I'm feeding on demand, so I'll want to be able to pause on the exercise and feed her as and when.

OP posts:
MrsSnow · 21/03/2012 17:19

Shock absorber do one which has hooks which can be undone...not quite perfect for nursing but slightly better than others.

shushpenfold · 21/03/2012 17:24

I think you need to decide if you're feeding or exercising...I went back to running after the 8 week check (or is it 6 weeks?....ponders lack of memory) I ended up wearing 2 sports bras - one shock absorbers one and one lighter sports one and it worked well. I couldn't have used a feeding one for any type of decent exercise.

shushpenfold · 21/03/2012 17:25

...just read this back and I'm not suggesting giving up feeding, just not doing both at the same time!

MummyLostInParenthood · 28/03/2012 15:31

In case anyone is interested - I found one of these in TK Maxx and it's a great solution - very firm hold, but also lift-upable for emergency feeding!

OP posts:
pootlebug · 28/03/2012 15:54

I found one that zipped up at the front - a normal sports bra but easier to undo for feeding access.

cazza40 · 28/03/2012 16:37

But you would only exercise for an hour or so then change so why not just wear a regular sports bra then change into a nursing one ? Have just changed from using shock absorber to Panache Sport which I think is v good. You could always stick some breast pads in the front if you are worried about leakage

chandellina · 28/03/2012 19:27

Buggy bootcamp is usually low impact I think so less support may not be a problem

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