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Help me with shoes

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CamperFan · 20/03/2012 17:37

I never know what type of shoes to buy or what goes with different outfits. All through the winter I wear knee high leather boots with skinnies/leggings. Now the weather is getting a bit warmer I am back to my old dilemma, until the weather is warm enough for flip flops and then I'll live in those all summer. However, I would like to wear something more interesting. I tend to wear skinny jeans (but only with boots, otherwise my thighs look fat), tapered trousers, boot leg jeans, wide leg linen trousers in the summer or shorts. Don't really do skirts, though I will wear a summer dress.

Part of the problem is that most pics of clothes online (tend to shop online, no shops round here) don't include the footwear, so I just have no idea. Fashion mags no help - just ridiculous footwear. Can't do much of a heel and am a SAHM so don't do anything exciting/glam very often.

Wide of a wide brief, but any footwear ideas?? Was thinking of a pair of converse (high top?), but what do you wear with them other than jeans??

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