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dress my 3 year old tomboy!

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theseventhdwarf · 20/03/2012 08:32

THis may be one for parenting or behaviour really but here goes!!

my gorgeous dd refuses to wear dresses/ skirts/leggings. Not really a problem most days (she s usually in a combo of H & M or next/boden jeans/ trousers with t shirts over)

However we have a few occasions for which we all have to dress up. I m dreading trying to get her into clothes for it. she has decided with all her fervent toddler conviction that she will not and does not wear dresses and girly things.

(Her style is probably influenced by her 4 year old brother :-P)

anyone any suggestions for where or how I might dress her suitably for a large family dinner in a posh hotel, her grand dad s birthday (again abother family party in a hotel type venue) her cousins communion... (church and hotel venue) and a christening.

Any jeans and trouser type outfit (even monsoon) seem very adult when you put them on her.

I was thinking of getting a pretty tunic or shirt type top and coloured trousers that were nt jean like but I cant seem to find any.

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znaika · 20/03/2012 10:14

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Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

skandi1 · 20/03/2012 11:53

Polarn o pyret. Swedish retailer Online or at Westfield shopping centres. Beautiful clothes made for children and not too gender specific. I love their stuff and both dd and DS are mostly dressed in their stuff.

LeMousquetaireAnonyme · 20/03/2012 12:01

Verbaudet ? something like that?

FauxFox · 20/03/2012 13:59

What about a playsuit or jumpsuit?

GabrielOak · 20/03/2012 14:18

How about this

Boden also have some really nice gypsy tops in a single colour (like white) in the girls collection which would look 'dressy' if teamed with some printed trousers / clamdiggers...

Or if you need something a bit warmer, smart shorts over tights looks fab (and smart) with a fitted plain long sleeve tshirt..

newgirl · 20/03/2012 16:37

I saw very pretty jeans in matalan today - lemon etc so something with those?

lemniscate · 20/03/2012 16:53

Your DD sounds great :o I love children who know their own minds - I'm 35 and still struggle with this myself so envy her certainty!

Another big Polarn o Pyret fan here :) The clothes wash and wear brilliantly so last and look great for ages and are nicely sized to last too. DS is about to turn 4 and still wears a 2-3 years top from there as it still (just) fits and has lasted so well.

Anyway a few ideas:

Smock top could be too girlie but at least it's not pink

This with the red trousers shown below. We have a pair of their coloured jeans in a mustardy colour for DD and they are pretty smart as they are slim and don't look like jeans.

Another tunic

Could she even be persuaded by the cars on this dress?

tethersend · 20/03/2012 17:39

Get a jacket like this and she can wear it over black jeans and a t shirt and look smart.

GossipMonger · 20/03/2012 17:41

Blimey Tethers - she will look like Miss Marple! That jacket is vile!

GossipMonger · 20/03/2012 17:42


Put with white cropped trousers

tethersend · 20/03/2012 17:55

Miss Marple wore Chanel Wink

That blouse makes my soul cry.

theseventhdwarf · 20/03/2012 19:30

Ok you lot are fantasticSmile
Can't check all the links out now but thanks, will get to it once the littles are in bed.
Hadn't thought of the shorts rights combo..... Might work.....
Though she refuses tights but maybe it s a battle I could get around....once she s wearing th
Might find she s pretty unrestricted.

OP posts:
BuriedUnderChocolates · 20/03/2012 19:49
HettyKett · 20/03/2012 19:55

White chinos and a naice, simple, non-pink blouse with a deep blue ribbon / scarf through the belt loops tied 'prettily'.

Could she bear to wear ballerinas?

gabid · 20/03/2012 20:00

My DD was exactly the same, she has a 6 year old brother. However, 2 terms into pre-school she is all princess and ballerina and wears about 3 dresses a day dancing around the house.

No dress ideas, sorry!

HettyKett · 20/03/2012 20:00

Actually, these would work great with the white and blue.

MadameChinLegs · 20/03/2012 20:11

What about this sort of nautical themed?

HettyKett · 20/03/2012 20:27

I like the jacket (and tethers one too, actually), but, do you think a 3 year old would actually keep one on? Neither of my DC would at that age, IMHO the 'dressy' part of the outfit needs to be impossible for them to remove.

ByTheSea · 20/03/2012 20:31

I had this issue when DD was 3 (she is now 9 and still this way). We got her some smart kind of velvety aqua-coloured trousers and matching colour top and cardi. It was just non-girly enough for her to be okay with.

MadameChinLegs · 20/03/2012 20:35

What about Zara?
this blouse or this tshirt , nice pair of chinos ,

theseventhdwarf · 21/03/2012 11:34

Thanks all

laemniscate - your comment made me smile - yes she s fantastic, I too as an adult marvel at her gumption and steadfastness, not all of it I feel is due to her developmental stage, I m hoping it ll stick but it s a true learning curve for me parenting her as she is very different to my DS.

Hetty I lov the blue top and blue chinos.

I popped to monsoon and gap yesterday picked up a few bits - tops were all a bit flouncy even after I persuaded her to try one of the nicest ones on this she squirmed and wriggled and seemed quite unhappy.
I m not gone on POP but maybe she would wear it, (I m quickly finding out it s not about what I want !)
I did get a lovely pair of chinos in GAP yesterday - cant see them online - they re pink, (which she will acquiesce to sometimes)

Tethers - there no chance she would keep a jacket on (unless I sew her into it) but the link is nice thanks (must check out if there s an adult version)

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