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what to wear with red skinny jeans...

12 replies

MistyMountainHop · 18/03/2012 18:26

i found the PERFECT pair at the weekend :)

but no idea what to wear with them

any ideas will be most gratefully received :)

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DinahMoHum · 18/03/2012 18:41


MrsCampbellBlack · 18/03/2012 18:42

I'm wearing red skinny jeans at the moment with a blue chambray shirt (whistles) and leopard print heels.

theseventhdwarf · 18/03/2012 19:04

i m wearing this toady with my red jeans (well they re burgandy really) and dune black suede wedge boots.

Codandchips · 18/03/2012 21:39

thats the issue with coloured jeans imo

monkeysmama · 18/03/2012 21:43

I wear mine with a denim shirt & leopard slippers like MrsCB Grin and with a Breton tee and nude ballet pumps.

Codandchips · 18/03/2012 21:45

breton shirt can make oyu look like a kids entertainer with red jeans surely/

i am worried coloured jeans will end up as big fashun clich

monkeysmama · 19/03/2012 07:51

Ha ha. It wasn't the look I was aiming for so I hope not.

Red jeans are quite bold - I have rose & cornflower blue ones which are probably easier to wear as they're more muted. I wear those with cream or grey marl tops usually.

theseventhdwarf · 19/03/2012 08:15

I ve a few cream/white/ivory silky tops for Zara/gap that are pretty easy to match with any coloured jeans (plus blazer/cardi and scarf) i know it s pretty boring but it works and it s easy!

toffeefee · 19/03/2012 09:31

I quite like the red jeans/bretton top/ballet flats too, monkeysmama! Makes me feel a bit Francais! Grin I'm loving the coloured jeans! I have red, green, pink and am quite liking the tobacco coloured ones, too. Makes a change from normal blue denim and is just as easy to wear, comfort-wise.

LadyClariceCannockMonty · 19/03/2012 09:48

Pale neutral tops (but not white; too bright and kids-telly-presenter IMO). Or charcoal?

Shoes ? again, neutrals. Or leopard.

Henwelly · 19/03/2012 09:52

I got these for mothers day to wear with my coloured jeans and chinos!

MistyMountainHop · 19/03/2012 09:57

omg i Just Loooove those converse henwelly

and thanks everyone for the ideas :)

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