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HELP! - Dry itchy scalp driving me batty...

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LDNmummy · 16/03/2012 12:52

.. anyone have any tips?

I only use all natural shampoo's as other shampoo's make my hair dry and crispy so not sure what I could try.

OP posts:
valiumredhead · 16/03/2012 12:59

Have you tried the Naked range from boots? T Gel by Neutrogena is very good too.

MooMinCow · 16/03/2012 13:03

I get this around my time of the month. I use this coconut oil. Just massage it in an hour or so before washing then shampoo out. (You can also buy it in the ethnic food aisle at a big supermarket).

I also used it in a DIY scalp scrub the other day. Mixed it with brown sugar and applied to scalp and massaged gently, then shampoo. Messy, but was v. Satisfying scrubbing my scalp and seemed to get rid of a lot of flaky bits - my scalp felt so clean after!

Nizoral shampoo helps too if it gets too itchy. HTH

StealthPolarBear · 16/03/2012 13:04

Another vote for t gel, the medicated one. I had horrendous scalp psoriasis and it has cleared it. It was recommended to me by mners and I tried it but gave up as I didn't get instant results. Then I got sick of the bottle being in the cupboard so started using it up. Within a week my psoriasis had cleared. This is the first time since I was 13 I can brush my hair wearing black clothes. My head no longer orchestra and I no longer pick it. I do assume ill always have to use it bit that's fine. I use it 3 times a week

FreeButtonBee · 16/03/2012 13:04

Philip Kingsley Itchy Flakey Scalp shampoo. I buy in 1l bottles and only use this shampoo and nothing else.

StealthPolarBear · 16/03/2012 13:05

No longer it itxhes!

EldritchCleavage · 16/03/2012 13:08

Mine got so bad once I started relaxing it I needed a steriod spray to clear things up.

Lately I use Dentinox shampoo (the one sold for cradle cap), then use a tiny bit of Argan oil on my scalp and hair. Very thorough rinsing and some oiling are key for me.

My best ever shampoo was the Lazartigue one for African hair, but they seem to have changed/discontinued it. Still, they do very good no-paraben shampoos including one for naturally frizzy and curly hair that you could try. From Selfridges or online.

T-Gel didn't help me at all.

LDNmummy · 16/03/2012 13:20

Thanks everyone.

I used to use T-Gel and it works great, but it is terrible for my hair.

I will be venturing to the chemist today and will try some of your suggestions.

Eldritch I was thinking about using Dentinox as I use it for my DD too and it must be gentler on the hair as it is made for children. I will definitely be trying Lazartigue. My don't relax my hair anymore after trying it once and having a really bad reaction too.

OP posts:
LDNmummy · 16/03/2012 13:21

I, not My

OP posts:
snail1973 · 16/03/2012 13:25

Seriously, Philip Kingsley is the only thing that worked for me. I tried TGel etc etc for years. Now Philip Kingsley for itchy flakey scalp is the only shampoo I will use. And I am not a person who is loyal to any other brand of cosmetic stuff.

MissMogwi · 16/03/2012 13:27

I get a really dry scalp and I've found Head & Shoulders Itchy Scalp to be the best treatment.

T-Gel made my hair really dry and coarse. The Head& Shoulders shampoo and conditioner leave it flake free and soft.

MissFoodie · 16/03/2012 14:54

if you only use SLS free then Barefoot Botanicals SOS Shampoo is miraculous, but is about £12

MistyMountainHop · 16/03/2012 16:35

second the coconut oil! i am a lot a bit obsessed with the stuff atm

i used that vatika stuff on my hair too, although have now started using pure solid coconut oil on it instead

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie · 16/03/2012 16:37

Where do you get the Philip K stuff and how much is it? T Gel is currently failing me.

Or the cradle cap stuff - is that just on the baby stuff shelf in Boots?

FreeButtonBee · 16/03/2012 16:44

PK from John Lewis or QVC. it's not cheap - about £40 for 1l but my DH uses it too and the big bottle lasts us about 6 months. It also means that we never buy other shampoos and then find that they don't work.

If your scalp is really bad, then try the PK scalp toner too. I use it once a week or so, just before bed and it's lovely and soothing.

this little set is a great starting point to see if you like it - I still reuse the little bottles (although wasn't keen on the conditioner)

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie · 16/03/2012 16:46

Ouch! Nope, can't afford that however good it may be! Thank you though.

Selky · 16/03/2012 17:36

Tgel and washing my hair less helped me.

CMOTDibbler · 16/03/2012 17:47

The L'Oreal antidandruff in the navy bottle with orange on it (they have others which don't work) sorted mine when all else had failed, and doesn't wreck your hair

valiumredhead · 16/03/2012 18:15

PK is only £12 from Feel Unique - I might order some.

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