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would you take back a lippie that went wobbly

10 replies

southeastastra · 15/03/2012 21:10

if it cost £17? am tempted :/

OP posts:
MrsCampbellBlack · 15/03/2012 21:10

God yes. If its chanel or the like - am sure they'll exchange

Nagoo · 15/03/2012 21:12

No, I'd assume I broke it.

therumoursaretrue · 15/03/2012 21:13

Wobbly as in kind of broke in the tube?

I wouldn't if I thought I'd screwed it up too far or been a bit heavy handed and caused the wobble! On the other hand though, if it was because it was crap quality or had partially melted before I bought it I would.

If you don't/can't take it back why not de-pot it and use a brush to apply. Then it isn't wasted :)

southeastastra · 15/03/2012 21:16

i've used lots of cheaper brands in the past and this is the first time it's happened in ages though maybe i did break it as it's lovely

OP posts:
therumoursaretrue · 15/03/2012 21:19

There's no harm in trying! You might get a nice reasonable sales person who will swap it no problem, and the worse that can happen is they will say no and you can de-pot it instead.

southeastastra · 15/03/2012 21:20

how do you depot it?

OP posts:
therumoursaretrue · 15/03/2012 21:28

Get a little cosmetic pot like the ones some counters give samples in, ebay is great for these and simply cut the lipstick with a knife and pack it all into the pot. Smoothe the top with a little spatula or something similar. Easy as that!

Some people heat the lipstick in the microwave or with a flame/hairdryer so that it melts and then when it goes solid again it looks nice and neat, but I prefer not to do this as it sometimes changes the texture/colour of the lipstick slightly.

southeastastra · 15/03/2012 21:39

i don't think i could bring myself to do that to it Grin

OP posts:
therumoursaretrue · 15/03/2012 21:42

That's what I thought at first but I was ruthless and went for it with all my lipsticks! It was actually quite therapuetic :0
Main reason for me was because it is easier to store them in my kit this way but it's also a good way to revive a lipstick thats been squidhed or broken.

therumoursaretrue · 15/03/2012 21:43

Oops, :0 should have been :o

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