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Talk to me about high heels...

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bramblina · 15/03/2012 20:12

....because they just hurt me. Really hurt me.
I have a size 5 foot, so pretty average. I can't really walk very well in any heel higher than about 2 inches, I think because my legs are quite short- inside leg 29".
After wearing them for about an hour or two the ball of my foot- (the part where all my toes join my foot, that's right isn't it?!) is in agony, after wearing heels at a christening at the weekend- for which I was mostly sitting, my feet hurt all the next day.
What I have discovered though is I am yet to find a heeled shoe where the whole of the sole of my foot touches it- I seem to only rest on the heel part and the ball part, hence lots of pressure.
I just don't get how some women can walk in them all day everyday, and frankly I'm very jealous Blush

Gosh that was a long one!!!! Grin

OP posts:
CurrySpice · 15/03/2012 20:14

So what is it you want to know or did you just need to unburden :o

MooMinCow · 15/03/2012 20:24
is a useful video.

wedges may suit your feet better?
katfashion · 15/03/2012 20:47

I swear by Party Feet!!
They seem to make the ball of your foot a bit more cushioned.
Also sounds a bit strange but this helps me... when my feet start to hurt I put all my weight on 1 foot and rest the other by turning the resting foot on to the outer edge slightly. No one notices ( or at least I think its fairly subtle!) then switch legs!!
Apparently the Sex in The City girls had to practice wearing heels as they hurt so much in the beginning and according to SJP that worked.
Failing that I find alcohol tends to numb the feet!!
Hope that helps!?!!

EnjoyResponsibly · 15/03/2012 21:14

Get the to Clarks. I am a recent convert - they've got Mary Portas designs with a kind of padded sole. Totes marv x

bramblina · 15/03/2012 21:29

LOL Curryspice Grin yes I did need to, really, I want someone to say "me too!"
I need to know is this the norm? Am I wearing the wrong size? I suppose I should have my feet measured properly, but just since I realised that none of my foot from heel to toe touches the shoe I think there's something wrong going on....I am not supported! How DO women find high hells comfy?

I went on a night out last year and was about to walk back to the hotel barefoot on the city streets of Glasgow- my friends were horrified and would not let me so one loaned me her "comfy shoes" Hmm WTF?!?! They were EXACTLY as uncomfy as the shoes I had just taken off!!! And in this case, katfashion, I could not have consumed any more alcohol and still walked!!!

I think I'm either missing something or have incredibly wierd feet......? They look pretty normal!

I do have party feet and since the weekend I have even been wearing them in my 1 inch heeled knee high winter boots Blush I'm so pathetic!!

OP posts:
bramblina · 15/03/2012 21:33

And thanks for the video, moomincow, I hadn't thought to check out youtube. Oh I'm so sorry but I just can't stand wedges at all, I think they remind me of the 70s or some other association but I just hate them with a passion! I hope I don't offend anyone!

OP posts:
MooMinCow · 15/03/2012 21:39

wedges aren't for everyone, but I have a lovely Dune black suede ones that are comfy on nights out.

I actually got my feet measured in Clarks a few months back, as I felt my feet had shrunk. thought I was a 5, but turns out I'm a 4.5. it doesn't help that shoes can vary depending on brands etc, but I find it better to go down a size for heels or I end up with Minnie Mouse type gap at the back of my foot Blush

Nagoo · 15/03/2012 21:54

I stood on their measuring machine today Blush as my feet are smaller since having Baby Goo. They said it only gives child sizes Hmm

Anyhoo, I agree with the sweet lady on the video, you need to start low, and aim high. Also vary your shoe height each day.

TunipTheVegemal · 15/03/2012 21:57

they're evil. Don't wear them.
Shoes are not meant to hurt.

pictish · 15/03/2012 22:00

Oh I'm with you OP! Torture implements!
I can do a wedge. For a while. If need be. And only rarely.
Heels though? You've got to be pretty determined to wear them, to put yourself through it.

Nagoo · 15/03/2012 22:17

I think it's to do with your tendons and ligaments and whatnot, and how flexible you are?

My sister can wear crazily high heels all day, she's some kind of freak. By the time she's my age she'll probably have bunions to rival Vicotria Beckham.

I got out of practice but I used to be able to do 8 hours in an office with no pain on 3 inches. I wouldn't wear them if they hurt! I think if you start on a low heel you can work your way up to 'highish' without hurting :)

CurrySpice · 16/03/2012 12:31

I agree that it's only practice that will get you there. I wear heels 9 days out of 10 and still sometimes suffer

Depends how determined you are

PepeLePew · 16/03/2012 12:51

It's unlikely to be all shoes. Different manufacturers use different lasts (models of feet) to make shoes - obviously it depends on what shape your foot is versus the last. Also, I think some shoes are just better designed - more support for the arch (that's why wedges work) and the heel in the right place. I have a pair of Kurt Geiger heels which are fairly high and that I've had for nearly ten years - they are supremely comfortable and I can happily walk a couple of miles in them. But most other heels are indeed very uncomfortable.

KWL51 · 16/03/2012 12:56

yes you need to shop around and walk in the shop in them. Ive got heels from next, new look, kg, boden, lk bennett and miu miu and many others but all of those are my comfortbale go to ones.
the chunkiness of the heel can make a difference as well. my miu miu ones have a lovely chunky heel and i could walk all day in them.the boden ones are often tight to start with as they are quite narrow but once worn in they are very comfy again, most have quite a chunky medium height heel.
New look i have been buying wide fit ones even though my feet arent a wide fit anywhere else and they have been much more comfortable. have the advantage of being cheap too.
the most uncomfortable pair of shoes i have are louboutin! nude peep toe and reasonable height but for some reason they kill my feet.

NatureAbhorsAHoover · 16/03/2012 15:38

bramblina me too!!! I swear it's the brands of shoe though, not you. I could never wear heels till I found the Stuart Weitzman range (at Russell and Bromley), they have tons of padding and a high arch support which sounds like the thing you need too. They are AMAZING! I wear 3 inch heels to work now... They are bloody £££ but totally worth it on a cost-per-wear basis now as I wear them all the time. Plus R&B have great sales if you keep an eye out.

anniewoo · 16/03/2012 20:42

I have the same problem. Size5/5.5 your height too with short legs. I have a problem with the metatarsal arch. Went to the chiropodist yesterday. Worth going to a chiropodist. They know their stuff and can tell you where the problem in the foot lies. No cure for me though except flattish shoesSad however we have to suffer to be beautiful so i'll carry on with the heels !!!

MuslinSuit · 16/03/2012 21:57

You have a high instep. I do too and it's a nightmare!

Bohica · 16/03/2012 22:14

I would never have thought of getting my feet measured.

I agree with working your way up in heel height, I have a few pairs I wear during the week and another few pairs that I practice around the house over the weekend because they are still to high to wear all day.

Does everyone drive in their heels? I have marked 2 pairs so far driving in them so I now wear pumps to drive to & from work.

Bangtastic · 16/03/2012 22:55

I can't do heels, for the exact same reason as OP. Balls of my feet ache and burn so badly within an hour. Still wear them though! Insoles help slightly, party feet are crap imo.

Bought some tan wedges today, pretty high, but because of the solid wedge heel and slight platform they are really comfy and easy to walk in. Well, I say that now... prancing about on smooth flooring at home, I'll report back after tomorrow when I put them to the test Wink

I never used to be able to wear heels at all, at all, walked like I had shat myself. But it does take practice, and is something you need to develop a tolerance for.

They're never going to be comfortable though, we weren't designed to walk on our tip toes!

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