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What are we wearing today??

26 replies

Bellstar · 15/03/2012 13:34

I am in-

red printed tea dress-monsoon sale
black tights-h&m
black leather wedges-new look sale!
black cardigan-primark

OP posts:
MrsSnow · 15/03/2012 14:20

Totally lacking all semblance of style. Builders in house, dust everywhere:

primark hot pink long sleeves t-shirt
boden grey jumper with bright orange stripes (couple of years old)
wide leg jeans
gold birkenstocks

MrsCampbellBlack · 15/03/2012 14:23

Leopard print shoes - next
Red mih paris jeans
White long sleeved t-shirt - american vintage
Alex monroe gold dragonfly necklace
Navy coat - whistles
Tan Anya Hindmarch studded bag

MistyMountainHop · 15/03/2012 14:25

chestnut Uggs

super-skinny dark grey jeans

long sleeved stripy tshirt

and top shop cropped denim jacket

Hopefully · 15/03/2012 14:27

Petrol blue polo neck
Khaki j brand Agnes
Ancient brown leather Zara jacket
Brown leather wrap bracelet
Grey suede slouchy boots (which don't match but are my only comfortable boots for long walks such as we are currently on)

Hopefully · 15/03/2012 14:28

That is, they don't match the rest of my outfit. They do match each other Blush

RhubarbCrumbled · 15/03/2012 15:00

I'm joining in today as I feel relatively well put together for a change!

Choc mint shirtdress from
Wide brown belt M&S
Brown knee high boots Duo (sale bargain)
Belted heathery jumper (looks better than it sounds!)

iWILLdothis · 15/03/2012 16:50

Nothing worth mentioning on a s&b thread...old clothes for big spring cleaning session at home.

AmberNectarine · 15/03/2012 16:54

Red J Brand jeans
Navy and white Breton from Cos
Navy Supergas
Grey jersey blazer from TS
Grass stains on jeans from where I fell over at the park like a total tool.

GeorginaWorsley · 15/03/2012 16:57

Am freezing today so

Slim flared jeans Oasis
Wedge ankle boots Autograph
Duck egg blue top Boden
Navy circle cardigan Phase Eight
Duck egg and navy necklace Wallis

Bellstar · 15/03/2012 16:58


OP posts:
mamasin · 15/03/2012 17:02

grey Topshop skinny jeans
long line grey top
silver and purple short sleeved flared tunic top
black Monsoon pumps

ChablisLover · 15/03/2012 17:06

Ash hi top trainers in chestnut leather
True religion Billy jeans
Navy and white stripy sweatshirt from
Dotty p's

Relatively pulled together for being off work looking after sick ds.

willali · 15/03/2012 17:09

Boden navy leggings
H&M white shirt
Primarni petrol blue long cardi
Primarni studded belt
Clarks studded wedge ankle boots
And a smile Grin

talkingnonsense · 15/03/2012 17:18

I have worn lots of outfits today!

  1. joggers, sweatshirt, big boden parka and gloves( dog walking)
  2. cycling leggings, sports bra, t shirt ( spinning)
  3. gap jeans, fitflop boots, purple shirt and blue cardi
  4. shorts and a vest to dog walk again in glorious sun!
  5. this mornings joggers and the vest as now cooler!
chocolateshoes · 15/03/2012 17:24

blue & white strpey vest top - H&M
denim min
brown woolly tights
baggy oatmealy jumper
grey 'Mumsnet' scarf
brown ankle boots with laces

was looking v smart in a suit for work earlier

virgil · 15/03/2012 17:27

Emerald green 1950s style prom dress
Black fishnets
Black patent Mary Janes

Tis my favourite outfit! Grin

accidentprawn · 15/03/2012 17:28

Brown summer dress ( yes, summer dress)
Brown sandles
it is freezing here am in a summer dress for a work do

Labootin · 15/03/2012 17:30

Catsut ( neon orange)
Crash helmet
Kitten Heel sling backs ( pastel pink)

MissBeehivingUnderTheMistletoe · 15/03/2012 17:31

DP Janice -a-like
Navy Cardi (H &M)
Navy tights
Navy suede heels

mummytasha11 · 15/03/2012 17:36

Copper coloured leggings, Aztec slouch top with black vest top underneath with black brogues

mummytasha11 · 15/03/2012 17:37

Day at the farm and can't wait to get in my pjs

therumoursaretrue · 15/03/2012 17:54

Burgundy ish skinny jeans.
Black sheer blouse with lace back, patterned with peacock feathers (green, teal, burgundy, brown etc)
Tan wedge ankle boots.
Gold chunky costume jewellery.

All sounds a bit weird written down but apparently looks nice Grin


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mrsebojones · 15/03/2012 18:07

I have been at work:

M&S Black Jersey pencil skirt
M&S Black lace tights
M&S Limited collection cream bow front 3/4 sleeve T-shirt top
Monsoon yellow leather waist belt
Clarks Black suede platform shoe boots
Topshop trench

mirpuppet · 15/03/2012 18:19

black textured tunic worn as dress because I'm short
hush knit blazer no longer on the website
black tights
black patent fly london shoes
red leather handbag

ooer · 15/03/2012 18:46

White Stuff red floral print dress/ tunic thing
navy cotton polo underneath
navy leggings
brown opaque tights under that
brown flat pumps because both pairs of boots are at the menders Blush
silver necklace and earrings

now I'm home - hideous pink angora cabled cardi on top because it's chilly here!

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