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Does anything help with post natal hair loss and general crapness?

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kickingking · 15/03/2012 10:10

The one advantage of my fairly crap pregnancy is that my hair is fantastic. It's grown really fast, is now past my shoulders for the first time in a few years, thicker, shinier, hardly requires any styling - it's just all swishy and lovely

However, I know from last time (when my hair wasn't quite as impressive) that it will all change a few months after the baby is born.

Are there any miracle products that help with post natal hair loss and frizz? I'm very keen to keep my hair like this!

OP posts:
cazza40 · 15/03/2012 11:07

Don't panic ! I took a vitamin supplement with lots of vit b in and also sea kelp tablets which really helped me. I lost loads of hair with my first DD but was more clued up the second time around

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