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Styles for mid-length hair

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Whitershadeofpale · 13/03/2012 21:39

I've been growing my hair out from a short style for the past two years and it now is about 1/2 inch above my shoulders. It has quite a lot of layers and when blowdried properly does look really nice but is slightly dull. I'm just fed up of it always looking the same. I can get it into a short pony tail of just tie the sides up but that's about it. If I curl it the layers make it look like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards.

The reason I'm growing it is I love the versatility of long hair but at the moment I'm temped to just cut it into a shorter more exciting style which I know I'll regret and spend another 2 year growing out. I've tried you tubing style demos but they're all for much longer hair (although I now have a list of styles to try when it's longer).

Any bright ideas please?

If it helps I'm 25 with thick blonde hair that's dead straight.


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Whitershadeofpale · 14/03/2012 10:04

shameless bump.

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