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Help people buy me presents!

3 replies

pudding25 · 12/03/2012 19:42

It is my 40th soon. Parents, in laws and DH want to buy me stuff but I don't know what I want! I am thinking accessories/jewellery. Can anyone come up with anything please? Probably up to about £50. Thanks.

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mrsebojones · 12/03/2012 20:00

A nice light wool scarf for spring Like this?
Cute satchel bag Here
Another bag great colour for spring
Nice fashion beads here
Earrings like this??

JennyPiccolo · 12/03/2012 20:04

i was going to say a silk scarf or a bag.

pudding25 · 12/03/2012 21:31

Thanks. I like that satchel bag.

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