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H&M - rant!

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SleepyFergus · 12/03/2012 18:55

I've seen other disparaging comments re H&M mail order, but my experience today makes me understand why!

I have 2 orders with them for clothes for my DD at present - one I placed at the end of Feb and the other at the weekend just there. Part of my Feb order has been delivered but today I got an email to say one of the items won't be ready for dispatch until 7th May. 11 weeks after ordering!

They have also combined the remains of the Feb order with my new order and given me various different delivery dates, pretty much different dates for each order line. Plus one item is now not in stock. These are all basic summer tshirts/ blouses/ polo shirts that in my mind should be in stock.

Their suggestion is that everything be delivered together in May

I emailed then to say how disappointed I was, and that I thought their stock management seemed pretty poor, and that I wanted delivery as and when items were in stock, not to wait till May. Their response was 'no', because they only deliver when each delivery totals £6 or more. Because each of the items has different dispatch dates (dates when they are ready in stock) and because each item is about £4 or
£5, they want me to buy additional items to bump up the order price before they ship!?!?!

I emailed back saying 'no - not my issue' and tonight received a call from a very nice girl to discuss what had happened. Long story short, she can't override the system to get these shipped as and when they are ready, so I told her to cancel the order. I like their stuff but this is taking the piss. I would buy it in store but when I tried last week, everything I wanted wasn't in stock there either.

They did tell me there were problems between them and their suppliers, but the customer is being penalised for this, and I feel they lack a customer focus. I don't want to wait 11 weeks for stuff, I mean, my DD might rake a growth spurt in that time and be too big for some items!

Also, their stuff comes from Sweden, which examines why it takes so long to actually arrive too. and beware taking online stuff back to the store, they'll only give you a credit note and not a refund (which they will if you return to their mail order centre)

Just having a rant - I'm so angry as some of the tops were from my mum to DD for Easter.

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Scaredycat3000 · 12/03/2012 19:32

I decided never to order from them when I read the Undeliverable parcels bit. For some reason I have terrible history with failed deliveries, even when I have been here, and am not willing to pay £10 'cause some lazy delivery driver doesn't want to get out of his van and find my flat. So I'd probably pay £10 for nothing, no ta.

SleepyFergus · 12/03/2012 19:37

Eek Scaredy that's pretty bad. I just read tat bit about undeliverable parcels. Then my eyes wandered up and read the bit about things having different delivery dates, and there is no mention of having to have a minimum order value of £6 which iswhat I was told on the phone tonight. Grr, I fear another moany email to them again tomorrow. They seriously need to get their act together!

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