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It's warming up and I don't know what to wear (still)! Help Please.

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mumat39 · 11/03/2012 23:51


I'm a 43 year old mum of 2 young kids and have just noticed that the weather is warming up.

I really have nothing to wear for just everyday stuff like the school run, going to the supermarket, pub lunch, etc.

I don't need anything fancy, just everyday stuff that's easy to wear and that's ok for someone my age.

I have very veiny legs and am a size 14 hourglass shape but hate figure hugging stuff as I just feel uncomfortable and very self concious. But equally I don't want to look pregnant Confused

I've been trawling clothes websites including Next, DP, Boden and others and I really don't know what I should be getting.

I'm probably beyond help but thought I'd ask for help. So what sort of things would you recommend I should be wearing for spring and into summer for doing everyday activities like the school run? My current everyday and I mean EVERYDAY wardrobe is a pair of jeans, black jumper that really has seen better days and a pair of mbt's as I find 'normal' shoes hard to wear.

TIA :)

OP posts:
FizzyS · 12/03/2012 00:50

There is no need to make yoursself uncomfortable for sake of fashion but like you said doing a little bit of a tidy and time on yourself is important.
1 Firstly make sure your bra and other underwear isnt falling apart and of good quality material and take time in getting a tummy hugger pair of knickers from Marks n Spencers or Primark or whatever your budget will stretch too if you can try to get a toning body shaper too as this will help. Make sure these are in the right size as they will hold you in just enough you dont want them constricting your breathing or making more lumps and bumps.
2 Stick with the jeans idea either straight or kick flare/boot flare as they are skinnier than boyfriend fit but not as tight as skinny and skinny flare. Try them on till you get a pair where you can oooohhh i like these once you do buy one in a dark colour and one in a light blue colour. OR buy the lighter colour in boy fit/slouch.

  1. A good look is to buy a few vests or short sleeve t shirts and layer a printed/checked shirt over it. This will allow you to cover areas you dont like by un buttoning the shirt. This will last all the way into summer too as the shirt is good to stop sunburn.
  2. A hip length cardigan with a removable tie will allow you another option as if its warm take it off put in if you get a little chilly! Dont go much longer than hip length as it will dwarf you. If you can find one with a removable tie just get a long v with bottons.
  3. A nice jumper with a simple round neck (you can get away with lower if you have good cleavage and want to show it off) or a v neck if you want to make your neck look longer, again hip length. Pair this with the dark bootcut jeans and a belt around your sexy tiny waist (and buy in a size bigger than fits as it will shirink in the wash! (put the hold in kickers on underneath)). Buy in a colour that suits you othr than in black seen as summer is coming! But if you have to have black make sure the belt is very prominent!
  4. With the boyfriend fit jeans a simple tshirt and then a fleece will work fine and is not so done up as above.
  5. Invest in a warp dress knee length as you can wear over you figure body hugging underwear with flat soled boots and tights and look very smart but it is very comfortable.

Regarding footwear, I am in the same boat as you (even though only 27 I cannot wear heels for a long time) so I buy no name trainers in patent black they look very smart and go well with the above looks. As you develop ways of seeing what suits you buy a pair of trousers and even though you may feel that they are smart just wear with the jumper and belt again or bright tops that highlight your colourings.
I hope this helps for now as I have lots more advice that I can give feel free to private message me.
FizzyS · 12/03/2012 01:00

PS after the above babble I sprouted I also wanted to add that tops in materails in chiffon with a loose shape in delicate colours are so in fashion so if you get a few of these and pair with your cardigan and lovely new coat then you will look lovely. eg:
This will ook nice with boyfriend fit jeans/slouch and flip flops/trainers/pumps/flats
and this is lovely with leggings and flats

louby78 · 12/03/2012 09:28

First of all I'd say stop worrying! Try not to worry about what you should be wearing because I think it's more important to wear stuff you like. I also think you sound like you're lacking in confidence - having children can do that to the best of us, at any age. You are not beyond help. Everyone gets stuck in a rut.

Have you thought of enlisting the help of a personal shopper? Most of the big department stores have them and you don't have to pay. I know a friend that uses them every year and she says they are brilliant because they will always be able to look at you with fresh eyes and pull something out you maybe wouldn't have done yourself. I think if you try stuff on you'll soon get an idea of what you like, what suits you and what colours suit you best. You can spend as much or as little as you like but it sounds like you are lacking a bit of confidence so perhaps someone with a bit of experience dressing people for their size/shape etc would be a good place to start.

When the weather warms up I start to replace my boots with converse trainers and flat ballet style pumps with jeans and leggings. As for jeans it depends on you as to which jeans to go for. I think a personal shopper is great for this. I think a good pair of jeans is a must in any weather. I love the Breton tops in Boden too - always think they look very spring/summery.

Leggings are great (I have the boden ones which are really good and don' sag or bag) if you don't want to show your legs.

Have you seen anything on any of the websites you really like? Perhaps order some of the stuff you like and try it on with an honest friend to help you.

Hope this helps a bit.

mirpuppet · 12/03/2012 10:34

I think the first thing to get sorted is the shoes. I love dresses and I like flat shoes but often together not a good look.

See if there is anything besides MBsT that will suit you. If you have to stick to MBTs find trousers that look OK with them -- lets say black trousers and then focus on getting a couple of tops. I'm not an hourglass so I have no tips on tops for that body shape.

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