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What do you think of ombre hair?

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sunshineoutdoors · 10/03/2012 18:40

I'm brunette and would love to go a bit lighter but not sure it would suit round my face, also don't want faff of having to get roots done and would like to be able to easily grow it out without it looking crap. I like the look of this ombre hair, where it gradually gets lighter towards the ends.

Interested to hear opinions of this look. Also, I would like to avoid having an obvious 'line' or point where the lighter hair starts, I would like a seamless transition from dark hair to light. Is this possible. Any idea what I'd have to pay to get it done well? I fear I may have missed the boat a bit with this 'trend', would it look a bit dated getting it done now? I usually steer clear of obvious trends for this reason.

Oh, and as a hair lightening virgin, if I did decided to do it, would it make my hair in crap condition? Would I have to use a lot of products? I'm quite lucky in that my hair is pretty low maintenance at the moment and I would like to keep it that way.


OP posts:
sunshineoutdoors · 11/03/2012 18:20


OP posts:
southeastastra · 11/03/2012 18:21

i think its quite nice if done well

ThePathanKhansWitch · 11/03/2012 18:25

Sunshine can you link a picture i'm intrigued.

BoysAreLikeDogs · 11/03/2012 18:29
sunshineoutdoors · 11/03/2012 18:30
OP posts:
sunshineoutdoors · 11/03/2012 18:35

See I'd like the colour to change a bit more gradually than the way Drew Barrymore often has it. From a distance you can see there is just a short bit where it 'fades' from dark to light, and a lot of blonde hair at the ends. I'd like the 'fadey bit' to go on for longer so you can't really see the point where the colour changes, but it's dark at the roots and blonde at the ends.

Drew's hair looks good on her, but I think on me it would look like I was growing out blonde hair, where I'd like a bit more of a natural looking colour change.

OP posts:
2blessed2bstressed · 11/03/2012 18:36

Caroline Flack is the queen of this look! I'm not sure I really like it though...perhaps because the colour is nearly always teamed with "beach"type waves, which to me just look kind of messy.

ThePathanKhansWitch · 11/03/2012 18:44

Oh i like it! But i know on me it would just look like i started growing a colour out a hundred years ago.

I like it where the colour is really graduated. There's a picture of Mylene Klass and her colour drops in a straight line. I know thats how mine would end up.

Nothing ever goes right for me at the Hairdressers.Sad

fluffylegs · 11/03/2012 19:51

I like this too but I'd find it hard to find someone who could do it confidently. If you're in London you could try Bleach in Shoreditch which is as the name suggests the bleached hairdo mecca.

southeastastra · 11/03/2012 20:59

i thought you meant more obvious colour, my neice has bleached ends on dark hair and it really suits her

southeastastra · 11/03/2012 21:00

oh sorry other way round dark ends Grin she changes it alot

eandz · 11/03/2012 23:18


I had mine done last March and it took me a few hairdressers+my own personal trial since I couldn't get the trendy hairdressers of London to get it right--but then through sheer determination I found a good hairdresser that did it perfectly for me.

Once I got it right, I have loved it and am always complimented. Because my hair keeps growing the color keeps looking 'fresh' and it's just wonderful! (for me).

I too am brunette and the the bottom of my hair is a dark blonde, light brown. Not orange. :)

I think the key word my hairdresser said was 'biolage' or hair painting so there is no line. If you are in London, I will happily show you my hair and give you my hairdressers name. He works at a reputable chain.


BoysAreLikeDogs · 11/03/2012 23:21

yy hand painting

I am trying to persuade my hairdresser to have a go

(balayage, is that the word?)

sunshineoutdoors · 12/03/2012 05:37

Thanks eandz, unfortunately not in London. In Yorkshire with easy accessibility to Leeds and York. Love my hairdresser in York and it is a classy salon with a good reputation. Think I will get a consultation there and ask them honestly what kind of result to expect. I think they will tell me if they feel they can do it properly or not. I will remember to talk about handpainting.

Thanks for the other London recommendation. I love living in Yorkshire so much but I am jealous of the trendy, specialist salons you have in London. Damn shouldn't have said 'trendy'

OP posts:
sunshineoutdoors · 12/03/2012 05:42

Oh it's alright, you said it too! I worry that when dd grows up I'll still be saying 'trendy' and 'cool' and it will sound really tragic to her ears! It will probably be quite funny though.

I'm convinced she'll find me fun and not embarrassing at all, then sometimes I look down at my stupid pyjamas, or fetching mismatched outfit I'm wearing because it's cold and I don't want to get wet and I realise how deluded I'm being!

OP posts:
eandz · 14/03/2012 19:48

no! no! do it! you'll love it and it'll look fantastic--if you want to do it.

Misssss · 16/03/2012 00:22

Sunshineoutdoors, I've just done ombred (is that a word) my hair myself. I have extensions so didn't really care if I messed it up too much. I'm in Yorkshire too and can't find a hairdresser that will happily do it so I thought I'd have a go.

I used the above video as a guide, used the same kit which I paid £4 for in Boots and the effect is the same as this vid. It was very very easy. I actually really like it and a random woman stopped me in the supermarket to see where I had it done so it can't look too bad. Have a go.
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