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Best place for 18ct gold in London???

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thescarlettpimpernel · 09/03/2012 16:27


Anyone know where the best place in London would be to get a relatively heavy (say, 2.5-3.5g) 18k gold chain?

I have just been to a Vietnamese jeweller up the road from me - I just happened to be there - and was stunned at how much better the prices were than in the mainstream shops, but they didn't have quite the right length/style/weight.

Can anyone recommend a small independent jewellers? For instance - there are Turkish jewellers around the Holloway Rd area - anyone got any experience of them? And what about the Asian jewellers around Whitechapel etc.?

Advice from experienced sellers really greatly appreciated. I'm selling some random old/broken bits of silver and gold to raise money for a decent 18k chain, and really need to get the best possible deal for my spends...


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Livingwiththefamished · 09/03/2012 17:19

Hatton Garden?

thescarlettpimpernel · 10/03/2012 00:13

Yar, I'm beginning to think that's the most sensible option...ta! :)

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