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Prom suit for a boy - must be unique challenge for good searchers

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Tortington · 31/01/2006 01:05

i give up.

he doesn't mind being chavtastic - he joked he would like a burberry suit. whatever floats his boat am not bothered

he likes a mod style suit he saw in brighton.

tbh i dont want to pay £175

his girlies parents are pushing out the boat.

either that or he wouldnt mind being a 50 cent rip off with trilby.

dont judge him he's 16 and stupid.

please help me out am a tad skintish and have looked on e-bay and only found one possible.

i've googled my head off - and its past 1 am and am knacked.

so please although its doubtful this post should even be under this title please help me out.

anything a bit crazy considered. no shell suits or tracks suits considered

hes kinda average size.

ta v much

OP posts:
JanH · 31/01/2006 01:07

DS1 rented his - black suit & shirt, white tie. No rentals down there?

bobbybobbobbingalong · 31/01/2006 06:18

"he's 16 and stupid"

Tortington · 31/01/2006 10:31

there are rentals but he doesn't want your average suit. he wants something with an edge


OP posts:
MarsOnLife · 31/01/2006 10:33

have you tried the charity shops? Esp in the more affluent parts of town.

MrsBadger · 31/01/2006 11:49

Don't know where in the country you are, but have had good results with vintage clothes from:
'Revivals' and the Indoor Market
Weird retro clothes shop on Ship St
Charity shops in Summertown & Cowley Rd
Somewhere in Hampstead that sold second-hand designer stuff but I can't remember where
Hampstead charity shops
Kensington Market
Camden Market

TopMan, River Island and Burton are all working a slightly mod look at the moment, and the jackets are only about £60 - H&M is worth a look too.
To be honest buying a cheap cheap High St suit that's cut sharply is probably your best bet - it's only fat old men (like DH ) who need pure wool and expensive tailoring to hide their beer bellies. And a black or self-colour shirt.

TopMan have great hats if the 50 Cent thing comes off.

good luck!

MerlinsBeard · 31/01/2006 11:51

how about a suit jacket and trousers with a vintage tee shirt underneath iunstead of a shirt?

if u r manchester there is afflecks palace and teh collessium to look n for vintage clothes. not sure on prices to be honest.

Tortington · 31/01/2006 18:52

thanks all,

i am going up to manchester in april - so its a thought

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