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Anyone ever order from

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Tee2072 · 06/03/2012 14:51

I have just received a voucher for 20% off but I've never even heard of them!

Any experiences?

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Tee2072 · 06/03/2012 20:53


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polyhymnia · 06/03/2012 21:04

They are a part of Evans I think. I had two Breton type tops from them last summer which were Ok but I didn't feel the quality was up to the sort I usually get from M and S Autograph or Boden and did not feel happy wearing them anywhere much beyond house and supermarket.

Tee2072 · 06/03/2012 21:09

Good to know.

They are owned by the Arcadia group who owns Burton and DP and others.

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