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adhesive bra pad thingys

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passmyglass · 06/03/2012 09:15

I have a wedding to go to and I have a great dress but it is too low cut to wear with a strapless bra (it's halterneck too) but my boobies are a bit too big to go braless (34F ish). Has anyone tried those things that you stick on yourself instead of a bra?

If so, are they any good? What's the name of them and where did you get them? Thanks for any help!

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Givememorecheese · 06/03/2012 15:31

I really wouldn't waste your money. I tried them and couldn't get them to work at all. Wasted a whole pack of 3 trying to work out the secret of how to stick them on properly - I'm sure I was following the instructions correctly but they just made my boobs a weird shape and offered no support at all (I was only 36B at the time too - somewhat bigger now due to pregnancy Wink so I imagine they'd be worse than useless for an F cup). Hurt when I pulled them off too!

After failing with the stickies I ended up going for a bra - can't remember the exact name of it, but it's a type of Wonderbra which has all sorts of different shaped straps with it. Can be worn strapless, halterneck, one-shouldered, any way you want really. There's an extender that goes on the back strap so it can fasten down around your waist if you have a dress with a low back, and the connection between the two cups is made of transparent plastic which is fairly discreet even when it shows in a low-cut dress. That bra and a bit of that magic tape that keeps your dress where you want it seems to work for any style dress I've tried it with - and I've given it some challenges! Well worth the money - I'd go for something like that instead.

iloveeverton · 06/03/2012 16:40

I used this worked really well on a Christmas night out. Stayed on for 6hours and I found it comfortable.

I'm only a b cup though so I'm not sure how it would be for a bigger cup size. My boobs very saggy and it did hold them up well! Blush

LtheWife · 06/03/2012 17:26

In my experience they're not actually available in anything over a d cup! And with good reason too I'd say, I once experimented with them (back when I was still a d cup) and they were useless. Depending on the type they either came unstuck within minutes, gave an awful shape, didn't offer any support or a combination of all three.

Have you tried the wonderbra ultimate strapless? Totally unlike any other strapless bra I've ever tried! It actually stays up without hoiking, gives a nice rounded shape with good support and uplift even though I'm an E cup. Because it has a deeper band under the cups than most it also plunges quite deeply at the front so can work with a lot of low cut tops. Unlike normal D+ strapless bras it's seam free and doesn't give that horrid squished flat at the top pointy boob look either. I can even do star jumps in mine without needing to readjust. Amazing!

passmyglass · 06/03/2012 21:58

Ooh, thank you loads all 3 of you - brilliant comments! Thanks Thanks Thanks I think the wonderbra strapless may be the way forward! Especially as, yes, I'm doubting that those adhesive bra things are up to hoisting my buzzooomz Grin

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