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How would you style this dress? Daytime wear please

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Pinkflipflop · 05/03/2012 21:46

this phase eight maxi dress

I'm thinking of a wide tan belt and wedges such as this

Any ideas? Would this look hideous or ok?

OP posts:
LeMousquetaireAnonyme · 06/03/2012 07:21

When I was young I used to were those kind of dresses a lot usually with plimsols, you can play with the colours or metallic flats

The wedges are difficult to wear with tights long dresses, I supposed it depends on how tall you are and where the dress stop. I am 5'8" and those dresses usually stop a little above my ankles, if I wear wedge with it, it looks like ridiculous huge feet.

Also difficult to wear a belt with stripes and body hugging material (you have to try, I know really helpful), wide (would go for dress colour or bright to match shoes) or metal droopy chain might work.
Normally, I wouldn't wear a belt but some kind of big or long statement necklace.

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