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Foundation. What do you put on your face?

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PippiL · 05/03/2012 20:00

I've been using foundation and powder for the last um, 20 years!

Only just discovered primer and now use the Avon magix one for cheapness. I'm really pleased with it.

But something someone mentioned on another thread the other day got me thinking I should update my foundation choice.

Is cream foundation and powder outdated now?

I use no7 minerals foundation and no7 compact powder with benefit bo-oing for concealer.

I can't afford any of the super expensive brands, but could go for something mid range.

What do you use?

OP posts:
WheresMrMonkey · 05/03/2012 20:12

The new Garnier BB cream, really good- only about £10

nannyn · 05/03/2012 20:15

Nothing wrong with foundation & powder! I use the same foundation but don't think it needs powder on top. I use a touche eclat as concealer as anything else goes flaky. A good primer makes all the differance & mineral make up.

Depends so much on your skin type & colouring, if it 'aint broke....

ruby22 · 05/03/2012 20:16

Having just returned the garnier BB cream I have since purchased Tesco One step foundation powder, says can be used wet or dry, would appreciate anyone explaining how to use it wet.
Pippit prior to now have used foundation/powder for years too.

Sneezeblossom · 05/03/2012 20:16

Under eye concealer and face powder

PippiL · 05/03/2012 20:25

Dream matt mousse was mentioned. I dunno though the name puts me off!

I tried the lily lolo powders, but found them too...powdery!

Is BB cream basically a tinted primer? Think I might need more coverage than that.

OP posts:
ruby22 · 05/03/2012 20:31

Yes a tinted moisturising typre primer, it felt nice and my skin looked smooth, I just looked orange. and felt like I needed some powder to stop the shine!
sorry PippiL for calling you Pippit!

PippiL · 05/03/2012 20:33

S'okay! It's like a pet name :)

OP posts:
DouzeQuinze · 05/03/2012 20:42

The new Rimmel one is very good IMO - Wake Me Up foundation with the orange lid. Under a tenner, good coverage and lasts a good few hours. I am very fair skinned and often find the palest shade in a range too orangey for me, but this one is great. I like it more than my MAC Face and Body and Chanel Vitalumiere!!

PippiL · 05/03/2012 20:48

I wouldn't normally go for Rimmel foundation as I've tried in the past and it's only been ok. However, that was a few years ago now.

So pleased with my cheapo boots naturals mascara which was only £1.99 I'm sure there must be some good budget foundations out there too.

Might go and do some back of the hand browsing! It's good to have recommendations too though so I know what to look out for.

OP posts:
KenDoddsDadsDog · 05/03/2012 20:49

I use Estée Lauder Double Wear or Garnier BB cream. Rarely wear powder these days.

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