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Hello fellow Apple shapes, here's a lovely dress

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abrakebabra · 04/03/2012 20:45

I just bought this dress, it's really lovely on, looks really nice with leggings

blue Oasis

OP posts:
Nospringflower · 04/03/2012 23:09

That is nice. I'm a small apple (size 8) and am looking for a few new dresses so might pop in and try this on. Thanks.

jeansforever · 05/03/2012 13:51

That is lovely , how tall are you if you don't mind me asking and how long is the dress on?
I'm asking cause i'm a short arse and the stuff looks lovely on the models but sadly very different on me!

kingprawntikka · 05/03/2012 14:03

That's a pretty dress. Does it zip at the side or the back please?

abrakebabra · 05/03/2012 15:06

I'm five foot 6 and it stops maybe three inches above my knee - I wouldn't wear it without tights or leggings except maybe on a very hot day as it's fairly short.

It zips up the back - I sometimes have a problem with dresses with zips as I have a wide rib cage and can't always get dresses zipped even though they fit elsewhere but this one is a perfect fit

OP posts:
kingprawntikka · 06/03/2012 12:20

thanks for that, I'll try it on next time I'm in Oasis

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