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Eyeliner/Mascara colour help needed please!

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CarpeJugulum · 03/03/2012 13:16

I grew up in a not very makeup savvy household. I'm starting to take care of myself in terms of makeup and grooming (I'm tired of being a frump!).

Anyway, I need a bit of help with day to day colours. If I'm going out posh, I go for purples and plums (and look okay I think!), but day to day I have no clue what suits me as the posh look is a bit OTT for the local toddler group as I'm aiming for groomed, not WAG.

I have straw coloured hair maybe with a wee bit of grey and blue eyes. My complexion is very pale, think a washed out ghost (or alabaster in Bobbi Brown shades). I'd like to wear just a bit of eyeliner and mascara (maybe eyeshadow if it's a very dreich day and I feel a bit washed out). Blusher is fine, and I can't wear lippy as it breaks me out in cold sores Angry.

So, after a long post - what colours can I wear?

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mrsmartin · 03/03/2012 13:27

Hi Carpe

Navy eyeliner (get a sleek eyeshadow and a cheap angled eyeliner brush from superdrug and apply the shadow wet with the brush - will cost about a fiver for the 2). Just apply a thine line to the top of your eyelid, as close to the lashes as poss. If it goes wonky, don't worry - just run a cotton bud over the line and it will soften the line. Navy will make you look wide awake and fresh.

Black mascara suits everyone...blonde, brunette, redhead - whatever your complexion. This is something people like Daniel Sandler, Bobbi Brown a Jemma Kidd all swear by (and they are all doing pretty well for themselves!!). Find one you like and do two coats on your top lashes and one coat on your lower lashes (always put it on your lower lashes - it frames the eye. If your are scared then lightly touch it to the root of the lash and dont carry it all the way to the tip - then you don't run the risk of spider eyes).

Eyeshadow - you can't go wrong with a creamy gold colour - it brightens the eye without being glittery and can also double up as a highlighter.

CarpeJugulum · 03/03/2012 15:07

Thanks mrsmartin lovely advice as always.

Never been sure if navy and black would work on me - but I'll give it a go Smile

As a complete aside, now I'm cleansing twice daily, I've realised that I have no clue how to remove the cleanser. I've been using cotton wool pads, but not entirely sure they get all the cleanser off. Any tips?

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