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Looking like a mum

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mamamurf10 · 02/03/2012 13:21

Ok, I'd hazard a guess that something similar to this has already been posted somewhere in the archives, but I'm fairly new to the site and I can't find it so bear with me.
I have often recently had the experience of putting on something from the back of my wardrobe that I haven't worn since pre-DD and loudly exclaimed 'ugh I look/feel too much like a mum to wear this now' I have as yet been unable to explain this sentiment to DH.
Has anyone else experienced this who can explain it to a befuddled member of the opposite sex?

OP posts:
lktoday5 · 02/03/2012 14:07

Im with you ...i saw a photo of me this week in black hotpants and 'going out' top with short hair and lots of attitude (oh, and a stone lighter). the mirror shows me mumsy hair, muffin top covering outfits and eye bags. DH tells me I still look hot and I'd love to get that person back, but frankly would feel a bit of a tit in hotpants with a 3 month old Blush

hazchem · 02/03/2012 18:12

It's strange isn't it. I have a rainbow of sweet cardis that i loved pre DS but now i feel they make me frumpy and old and lumpy!

A couple of things I've done that have helped are a proper hair style. I've had a blunt deep fringe put in and it means even if i pull my hair into a pony tail it looks like a look. It's a style that suits my face but not one i've had in 10 odd years so it feels fresh to me.
The other thing I've done is started shaving. I much prefer a professional wax or my epilator but both of these take time. But it makes me feel a bit more together.

Rainydayagain · 04/03/2012 19:57

I know the feeling, i finally threw out my old workwear, been sahm for a number of years not going back to work.

I loved the old me but none of that clothing is appropriate for toddlers.
I did keep two lovely suits for funerals ( morbid) and wore one recently with a blouse and heels. I felt like the other me but looked odd holding my youngest toddler.

Ive recently worked out that accessorising in my old style makes me look better without looking oddly overdressed. I think for me it is because i was so bloody smart before the children. Exspensive clothes and children do not mix.

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