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Fashion numpty alert. Tan shoes and black trousers?

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albertswearengen · 02/03/2012 10:27

Is it ok to wear tan shoes with black trousers? I have heard tell there are some fashion rules about brown not in town and something and green shouldn't be seen.
Thing is I really don't want to buy new shoes and due to case of plantar fascitis anything over a 2 inch heel is out (so that's most of my shoes). So it's either a pair of boring black boots, a horrible pair of green ones or a nice pair of tan which are a sort of darkish orangey.

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janmoomoo · 02/03/2012 11:02

Yeah, that did used to be the rule, esp for men. But now I think anything goes and a lot of people wear tan with black. I think it looks nice.

albertswearengen · 02/03/2012 12:27

Oh good I have mn approval so I shall wear them with impunity.

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