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Home light treatments for acne

2 replies

chickydoo · 01/03/2012 13:54

Sorry if posting in the wrong place.
Have had acne for 20 years or some. It is not terrible all the time, although there are times when it's been pretty bad. Now I get hormonal adult cystic type hurts...... I have been to GP been on antibiotics on & off for years. That can't be good can it?? No creams or potions seem to work really. I was wondering if anyone has tried the home light acne systems? They are pretty expensive, but do they work? There is one called No No & another acti clear ( I think) any thoughts on these much appreciated.

OP posts:
Pepa · 01/03/2012 13:59

I'll be watching this thread closely chickydee as I'm in the same sorry situation and would love to find something that works :(

Pepa · 01/03/2012 14:05

It didn't get a particularly positive review here: //

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