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How can I look younger?

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dontcallmehon · 29/02/2012 22:29

I am 31, but feel older than my age. Am a teacher and my students often think I am older. I have good skin, but often look tired and wear my hair scraped backed in a bun. Am going to have my hair cut and coloured properly, mu teeth lasered and will buy some new clothes. Am considering dermal fillers for my under eye bags and to fill out my cheeks. DH is against that. I earn enough money (not a fortune btw!) so that isn't the issue - but Dh thinks I should try non surgical things first. So what can I do?

OP posts:
ledkr · 29/02/2012 22:33

good skincare routine,decent haircut,not too fat or thin,age appropriate clothes and get a make up lesson from the benefit counter.

dontcallmehon · 29/02/2012 22:37

Well, my BMI is 22 - so ok there. Think clothes and harcut are the biggie. Will try benefit - thanks :)

OP posts:
dontcallmehon · 29/02/2012 22:50

bumping this :)

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OneLieIn · 29/02/2012 22:52

Great haircut, good face cream, change your diet and do more exercise?

southeastastra · 29/02/2012 22:52

your teeth lasered? Grin!

really just maybe concentrated on a softer hairstyle, layers around the front.

i wouldn't touch anything invasive at all

Trills · 29/02/2012 22:56

What happens when you get your teeth lasered?

Definitely hair cut and coloured - see how you look then. One step at a time.

This website lets you put in your measurements, tell it what you like and dislike, and it will recommend clothes to suit your shape. (it doesn't at first know your taste, you have to click "like" and "dislike" a few times to get it to learn that)

dontcallmehon · 29/02/2012 22:59

I do a spin class twice a week - an in reasonably good shape. Incidentally, my spin instructor thought I was 16!!! But often people think I am older than my age.

Will find out tomorrow about the lasering - hoping to have shiny white teeth.

OP posts:
JennyPiccolo · 29/02/2012 23:18

Do you wear bright colours? I always think that makes people look younger

dontcallmehon · 29/02/2012 23:27

Sometimes, although I do wear a lot of black - which is probably not good with olive skin.

OP posts:
JennyPiccolo · 29/02/2012 23:54

Maybe buy a couple of coloured scarves? Will make a difference to have colour next to your face.

MrsBadger · 01/03/2012 00:02

get your Colours Done
it sounds silly but it will help counteract the black-wearing

BearlyThere · 01/03/2012 06:32

I'd suggest have a good look at colours too. Accessories. Also wear your hsir down. Make up that you touch up during the day abd not the same make up you wore at 18. How old do pupils think you are ,

DuchessEm · 01/03/2012 07:52

Trills, that website is brilliant! Just put in all my measurements and now have a much clearer idea of why I don't feel right in certain items of clothing!

OP, agree with those who say about colours. If I wear beige, black or grey my face just looks drawn and tired, but if I get the right colour, then it makes my eyes look brighter and my face less grey! Grin. Something as simple as navy instead of black makes all the difference.

Also definitely get a good haircut and may be a touch of colour. This can also make a huge difference and can be done in a very subtle way.

QueenCadbury · 01/03/2012 08:02

Don't go down the surgical route, not at 31, you're still so young. Surely good make up would be better. Get thee to a bobbi brown counter and be made over. Also getting your eyebrows shaped may make a difference.
Good luck x

BearlyThere · 01/03/2012 13:56

God that dressipi site is GREAT

happybubblebrain · 01/03/2012 14:03

Lighten your hair a couple of shades.
Really good foundation.
Lots of sleep.

MrsNotPrincessKate · 01/03/2012 14:15

I've recently found my old wardrobe of mostly black is making me look haggard too at 30, people do think I'm younger but it's something I've noticed myself. So do try to ditch too much black especially tops, I've started wearing much more colour and it is working. I had my first fringe cut in in years last week, this is a big step but it has made me feel much better, and look younger. Its a long one worn to the side and really softens my look, I play a lot of sport and have been stuffing my home dyed hair back in a band too often, its really made a difference. I had to do something with my hair as I dyed the grey out and it looked darker than it had for years, a mistake for me at this age!!! I started growing in thicker eyebrows last year too and thats helped. Will get them shaped properly from now on rather than plucking them to death. Definitely go non surgical, and the students might not be the best judges of a persons age :) remember when we thought 30 was passed it?

MrsNotPrincessKate · 01/03/2012 14:28

Trills, yes that website is fantastic :)

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie · 01/03/2012 17:18

Pupils ALWAYS think their teachers are ancient (except when they are sucking up to them and pretending they look 18).

Your DH is right - there's plenty of things to try before jumping into surgery.

I'd say the hair needs to be the first focus.

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