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Anyone bought Maguba clogs?

9 replies

tethersend · 29/02/2012 17:02

Maguba clogs

Does anyone have a pair and can you rate them for comfort? I fancy some.

I have some Swedish Hasbeens which are fine comfort-wise; I just wonder how these compare...

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SoupDragon · 29/02/2012 17:03

Sometimes I am glad I have long narrow feet that don't fit this kind of thing Wink

tethersend · 29/02/2012 17:12

Away with you, Sideshow Bob Grin

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tethersend · 29/02/2012 19:36


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monkeysmama · 29/02/2012 19:48

They look good. What colour were you thinking? The guy who makes them went to university with my sister. Irrelevant but true.

niminypiminy · 29/02/2012 19:51

I have some. I kind of love them, they're silver and a bit high but not too high (the lowest Maguba do). And I'm a bit of a clog fan. But I just can't get on with them. Somehow the shape is wrong and they're simply bloody uncomfortable. (And I have other clogs that I wear a lot.) But they are silver, and whenever I do wear them people ask where I got them.

tethersend · 29/02/2012 19:55


I was thinking of the Bologna in either black/dark wood or white/light wood. What do you think?

I also saw some pale pink reduced Hasbeens in a similar style; I don't want to get the Maguba ones if they are uncomfortable...

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monkeysmama · 29/02/2012 23:05

I'm after some new Hasbeens if you don't mind sharing where you saw them? I have tried Lotta from Sweden's clogs and they're comfy - bit wider (& maybe clunkier) than Hasbeens.

niminypiminy · 01/03/2012 10:54

Actually I think the Bologna ones might be better than the ones I had (Visby), the problem with mine was that they were slightly too wide at the instep and too narrow at the toe so my feet slip and they pinch. But with the strap and the peep toe I reckon those problems wouldn't happen

tethersend · 01/03/2012 18:57

Thanks niminy- am still undecided.

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