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Back to basics. What I need in my make up bag?

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PavlovtheCat · 29/02/2012 16:47

What is essential for normal every day wear?. I have probably typical skin for my age, 34, Pale skin, with some redness in places, the odd blemish from time to time, some wrinkles starting but mostly nothing prominent apart from forehead, not the freshest looking skin. Dark circles under eyes which often look red and tired.

Dark hair about to go v blonde. Let's presume I have no make up and start from scratch.

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peanutsmuggler · 29/02/2012 16:56

This is what I use everyday, my skin sounds quite similar to yours...

Primer around nose area to fill in pores
Concealer around eyes and on any blemishes
Neutral Coloured Eyeshadow
Liquid Liner on upper lids
Neutral Lipstick/Gloss/Balm

PavlovtheCat · 29/02/2012 16:59

Can I ask what ones you use ? Especially primer and concealer, not used primer before

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QuinnFabray · 29/02/2012 18:16

My every day make up, and what I would get if I were starting from scratch is

MAC spf 50 primer, it's my sunscreen obviously, but also keeps my make up on my face, as I have oily skin.
Foundation, Bourjois for budget, Estee Lauder for non budget.
Brown eye shadow ( MAC probably ) to fill in my eye brows and line the outer third of my lower lash line with a flat angled brush.
Mascara, Bourjois for budget, Armani Eyes to Kill for non budget.
Blusher, Benefit Dandelion or Natural Collection Pink Cloud.
Lipstick, I can't recommend just one, I have many and love many. Collection 2000 matt lip creams are nice and natural. YSL are beautiful. Favourite ever is my one and only Tom Ford, which was extortionate, but the best lipstick ever.

I have a big make up collection, but I would be happy with just that every day.

Kaloobear · 29/02/2012 18:29

My every day stuff:

Liz Earle sheer skin tint
Bobbi Brown corrector and concealer for under eyes and any spots
Bobbi Brown pot rouge in a bright pink but VERY well blended
MAC Mineralise Powder swooshed where I get shiny
Mascara (Dior/YSL/MaxFactor usually)
Burts Bees tinted lipbalm (I love Red Dahlia but they're all nice and don't necessitate a mirror if you're on a bus!)

On days where I have a bit more time I also use Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in grey through my brows (it's not actually grey) and sometimes do a spot of contouring with some bronzer and highlighter too, though that's more for when I know I'm going to be photographed or need to look super polished.

Sneezeblossom · 29/02/2012 18:33

Bourjois undereye concealer
MAC face powder
Rimmel waterproof mascara
Body shop eyeshadow
Soap and glory mother plumper
Clinique black honey lipstick

Downbytheocean · 29/02/2012 18:50

Start with good moisturiser, i use clinique dramatically different.
Lancome tient miracle foundation
Benefit boiing concealer
Benefit that gal primer (not everyday)
Clinique glow powder
Benefit hoola bronzer
Body shop eyebrow powder
Neutral eyeshadow - currently a body shop one
Max factor glide and define liquid eyeliner on top lids
Lancome hypnose mascara (fave mascara)
Elizabeth Arden eight hour lip balm

PavlovtheCat · 29/02/2012 19:16

So it seems concealer rather than illuminator...I looked the benefit ones. Have used erase paste before, v heavy for normal use.

OP posts:
PavlovtheCat · 29/02/2012 19:37

So I need, basically as peanut said!
Foundation. Use avene, happy with that
Primer. Dont have
Concealer for under eyes etc. currently using a cheap illuminator ok, not fab need a better one
Foundation. Have no.7 one which is fine but will change when I run out
Blusher. I have one don't use it, is this essential?
Neutral eyeshadow. Need some better ones
Powder. Normally use no7 (lazy shopper) will look at Clinique glowing one!
Mascara. Varies depending on offers around. Need better ones
Eye liner. Need better ones, use dark shadow right now
Lip gloss. Have a variety but like the look of burts bees!

How about anti red stuff? Or pore concealer thingies?

If I keep to my lazy shopping and change ONE thing above to make feel and look more wow but not glam, for day wear, what would you recommend? Or, if something is missing what would you add?

OP posts:
peanutsmuggler · 01/03/2012 09:35

The primer I use is L'Oreal Studio Secrets.

Concealer is Bourjois Healthy Mix but it not that good on dark circles really, the Clinique Airbrush one is supposed to be really good thats next on my list to try.

Blusher - Most cheaper brands are fine currently using a L'oreal one in a pinky shade.

I've used the same neutral eyeshadow for years and years, its one of the little Bourjois Pots, think the shade is Beige Rose.

Liquid Eyeliner - Maybelline Liner Express, L'Oreal Superliner or Maxfactor are all good.

I find Max Factor best for mascara, 2000 Calorie or Masterpiece.

Kaloobear · 01/03/2012 09:44

I think blusher is an essential...not in a stripe or a bright circle but really, really well blended it just makes you look younger and fresher. Bourjois ones are brilliant for the price.

PavlovtheCat · 01/03/2012 16:02

Ok bought some primer, some of that pore fressional stuff by benefit, and some no.7 stuff for normal wear. Will update it with better stuff as I go along. Love the look of soap and glory mother plumper so got one of those! Bought some lemon aid as that looks brilliant and lids really need that. Also bought some more make up brushes including new blushe brush will give it a go! Just worried I might look like aunt sally! Alas it is all Internet ordered due toy sick child etc. so got to wait! I have also bought some lovely expensive nail polish!

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TheSinglePringle · 01/03/2012 16:04

My essentials are just 2 things. Eye liner and mascara. I don't wear anything else or have to put anything else on

TheSinglePringle · 01/03/2012 16:04

Or have time*

PavlovtheCat · 01/03/2012 16:22

Oh if I only I had good enough skin for that!

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