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sylviapip · 29/02/2012 12:43

Hi Ladies,

A group of us girls effected by the PIP breast implant issues that are going on have set up an action group to support all women involved in this issue and to highlight our petition. We have set up a dedicated website // where you can find links to our facebook, twitter, petition and media updates.

For all of you that have signed the petition thank you so much for your support. For those that have not ... the petition has been set up to ask the minister for Health to hold the clinics involved with the PIP issue to carry out their duty of care to their patient and remove and replace these faulty products. No one in the group expects the tax payer to foot this bill we only ask that the government hold the clinic accountable for our care.

Please, sign the peition, pass it on to friends and family.

Please LIKE our facebook page and pass it on to others

Removal of toxic PIP implants from Irish Women- search in communities

For anyone that know any women involved in this issue or worried about their PIP implants please contact me by PM. If I or the group can help we will.

Thanks again,


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sylviapip · 29/02/2012 12:49

Prime Time - PIP Breast implant Special

Thursday 23rd Feb -RTE One- 9.30pm

Some of the ladies in PIP Action Group Ireland have filmed an interview with prime time about this issue. They have done their best to tell their stories and to reflect the feelings, fears, fustrations and concerns of all the women effected by the PIP Issue. We hope this high lights the issue to the people that need to listen to us.

PIP Action Group Ireland

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sylviapip · 02/03/2012 14:35

Heres the link to the Prime Time interview:

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