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Everyday flat boots - help!

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OTheHugeManatee · 29/02/2012 12:41

I know, flat boots are sooooooo boring etc. But I'm recovering from a running injury that gets noticeably more uncomfortable whenever I wear heels so really need flat boots. My current everyday boots are a lovely pair from Trippen, but I'm wearing them to death far too quickly at the moment and need a backup.

Style-wise I think something not too fitted (I have wide calves), knee high or mid-calf, and more round toes than narrow ones iyswim. Day to day I dress fairly informally, generally relaxed dress or skirt with boots.

Colour-wise I'm not totally decided yet, though probably black, tan, olive, or maybe grey or burgundy - chocolate brown just never works on me for some reason.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance Smile

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Aperolspritzer · 29/02/2012 14:26

Hi did you have a look on Duo?


OTheHugeManatee · 29/02/2012 15:50

Oo thank you! I just ordered a nice pair of everyday biker boots in shearling leather, reduced from £135 to £65 Grin

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