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permaquandry · 28/02/2012 17:59


Have tried loads of skincare brands since my 20's (Clinique, Soap and Glory, Estee Lauder, Guinot, Dermologica, Avene, Origins, No7, Olay to name a few)

Finally gone to Clarins and have been using for 1.5 yrs. Really like the products and the fact they last so long.

The only thing is that everytime I go back to get a new product (every 3 mths or so) the skincare consultant always says my skin is dehydrated (not dry).

I have been using the hydra serum for 6 mths under the day cream and I cannot honestly see a difference.

I don't smoke, hardly drink, sleep as much as a mum of 2 younguns can, drink loads of water.

I don't eat fruit but I eat lots of veg. I am 35.

Where am I going wrong? Is Clarins right for me? Any advice, muchly appreciated.

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gregssausageroll · 28/02/2012 18:10

You are not going wrong. It is their job to sell you stuff so they have to come up with something to get you to buy the next serum or specific moisturiser. If you are happy with your skin keep going with what you are doing.

EllenParsons · 28/02/2012 18:25

Do you feel that your skin actually is dehydrated? If so, I really recommend the Clinique Moisture Surge moisturiser. For me this is a wonder product, the nicest moisturiser I have ever used. I haven't tried your Clarins one so I don't know if this is much different but I just read on forums that the new issue of Cosmo which is coming out tomorrow has got some great Clinique freebies including 30 ml Moisture Surge, so you could get that to try it free. What are the Clarins people recommending if you are already using their stuff to hydrate you but are still apparently dehydrated?

GeetTallBird · 28/02/2012 20:31

Use ONLY the Clarins Santal oil at night and it will make a real difference, the other Clarins stuff I like is the "new" stuff, made my skin really soft and smooth! (Vital Light Serum. Get a freebie to try out)

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