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How to grow out a very short hairstyle

16 replies

BoomOoYattaTaTa · 27/02/2012 13:05

I don't think I can go on with thisHmm.

Am trying to grow out very short hair and it's impossible. Top part is growing ok I guess but where it was very short round my ears and at the back into my neck, now looks so tatty even though it's still very short.

Hairdresser 'tidied' it up and promptly cut off what I'd just grown so I've grown it again and am back to the tatty look. I need to get it all the same length before it'll make any sense at all. I've only been at it about 2 months and am already fed up with it.

I look bonkers in clips and slides; too old for all that. How much does hair grow per month?? I don't want to grow it long and flowing, I just wanted it to look less severe but have no clue what style I'm aiming for. If I don't persevere I'll be stuck with the same v short haircut forever

OP posts:
porcamiseria · 27/02/2012 13:22

Option 1, gel is back into a tight pony tail plus clips
Option 2, clips, sorry but really have nowehere else to go
Option 3, colour it a nice colours so you are ok to DO NOTHING for 2-months

can you tell I had a really too-short haircut in Dec 11.....

TunipTheVegemal · 27/02/2012 13:25

I read somewhere that hair grows about a third of a mm a day.

I'm growing mine out and what I am doing is, getting dh to cut straight round the bottom every so often so it doesn't look wispy and tucking the rest behind my ears. I'm hoping it will turn into a bob eventually. On bad hair days it looks appalling but on good hair days it looks fine.

MeltedChocolate · 27/02/2012 13:27

I just had to let it grow. Simple as that. There was little I could do to control it til it got to a certain length

Northey · 27/02/2012 13:37

Are clips really a no-no?

I am growing mine at the moment, and have the sort of masculine features that look ridiculous with floral clips, but utterly plain hair grips from Boots (none of yer quirky feature shit) are managing to bring my hair round and down to the back and hold it there. A bit like a low ponytail would look, except instead of the pony tail there is a collection of 1cm long tufts...

snowmummy · 27/02/2012 13:50

I've had no trouble growing mine out. I'd say take your time and keep going to the hairdressers regularly to keep it tidy, trimmed and coloured. Having some idea of what you're aiming for might help your hairdresser.

BoomOoYattaTaTa · 27/02/2012 13:53

Thanks for repliesSmile I am no-where near a ponytail even a minute oneSad

Ok will try some grips out; I've only tried dds clips which are much too girly for me.

It's just so so frustrating! It's neither one thing or t'other atm and after years of it behaving because it was so short, I'm struggling.

OP posts:
southeastastra · 27/02/2012 13:58

post a pic

trafficwarden · 27/02/2012 14:01

I feel your pain. I grew out an inch long crop and it seemed to take forever but I now have a chin length, very sleek bob. The inbetween stage is horrible. You just have to slick it over your ears and pretend it's meant to look that way. I couldn't do clips either but do persevere!

TunipTheVegemal · 27/02/2012 14:06

I have some plain tortoiseshell hairslides that don't look girly.
(In fact, I am 100% certain they don't, because if they did dd would have swiped them.)

hazeyjane · 27/02/2012 14:09

You just have to avoid mirrors for a while.

bonzo77 · 27/02/2012 14:11

I also grew out a short short crop. Once the top reaches your ears it's much easier. I went to get it cut every 6 weeks, and got the hair dresser to cut the back and sides only until I had some length on top and at the front. That took maybe 3-4 months. After that you are only another 3-4 months from a short layered bob. Just keep getting sides and back trimmed so it doesn't look tatty. Fun colour helps take the attention off the length or lack thereof. Straightening irons help too once it reaches your ears, to keep it sleek.

BoomOoYattaTaTa · 27/02/2012 19:23

Ah thanks so much all, I'm feeling more determined now. Yes, I think short layered bob length is probably where I'm heading.

Argh no SEA I can't post a pic, it's bad enough I have to look at it Blush (like the avoiding mirrors ideaGrin) Remember when Rhianna had very very short hair? I guess it was sort of like that - not that there was ever going to be any chance I'd be mistaken for her of course - but it was that short and that sort of shape.

So now the top is growing in quicker than the sides and back, cos they were extremely short. Although it was easy to look after, I just feel that at my age (47) it's too severe and I need something a bit softer.

OP posts:
SunnilyEnough · 27/02/2012 20:25

You have to basically keep it shortish while letting the top grow, which sounds vile, but aim for this and then let it grow from there.

supernannyisace · 28/02/2012 19:35

Ah i hear ya.

I had mine very short - last short cut was in August 2011 - I have let it grow since. obv been to hairdressers in between, but I currently have a ridiculously fluffy short bob - with a fringe. It isn't perfect as it is still too short over my ears, so pokes out a lot -but I will be prob a lot happier with it by about May.
I did consider turning to hats at one point.. :)

QED · 28/02/2012 19:44

I had v short hair and started growing it in December 2010. Kept going to the hairdressers every 6 weeks and after about 6 months felt I was getting somewhere. Is still short but now have grown out fringe and have (short) bob. Am going to keep on going but not sure how long for - feel I've done quite well so far Smile.

Is annoying that if you have long hair it can be short in a few cuts but going the other way takes rather longer (or extensions or a wig).

tyaca · 28/02/2012 19:50

sunnily enough is right. you got to keep trimming the back and bottom of it and let the top and sides grow out. it's when the nape isn't neat that hair looks bad. i have been growing out short crop for 6 months now but doing it very slowly.

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