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What are H & M sizes like?

13 replies

Hatesqvc · 26/02/2012 21:40

I am a size 10, what are their sizes like? would size 10 jeans be a 30 equivalent?

OP posts:
Trills · 26/02/2012 21:42
Hatesqvc · 26/02/2012 21:46

Oh thanks hun, So I'm a 36, just wanted opinions really, whether their sizes are right fitting or not, would I be ok in a size 10 or would I need 12 because their sizes aren't generous.

OP posts:
Trills · 26/02/2012 21:49

The trouble is you'll get people saying it's "true to size" which means nothing at all.

Someone who is used to Topshop will have a different opinion of what "true to size" means compared to someone who usually shops in M&S. The only thing it means is "the clothes that fit me have a number that I like".

HeyH0 · 26/02/2012 22:36

If by '30 equivalent' you mean a 30" waist measurement, you're looking at a 14 or thereabouts.

If you see something on the website & remain unsure about sizing after consulting the size guide, contact Customer Service; they have access to the design sketches for each garment. (I'm short, but long of torso, so often email to check measurements. Never had a problem once I've confirmed length...)

Winkly · 26/02/2012 22:38

Weeeellll I went shopping in H&M not so long ago as a 14. I was comfortably wearing a size 10 top but the size 16 trousers wouldn't do up. Take from that what you will!

DaenerysTargaryenButCallMeDany · 26/02/2012 22:41

their stretchy stuff fits big but their trousers/anything with a proper waist is TINY! TEENY TINY!

4madboys · 26/02/2012 22:48

i think their tops are ok sizewise but trousers come up small, for some reason the knees are always tight for me! and i dont have fat knees! i fit a 12 in dorothy perkins, next etc but a 14 can be tight with trousers in h&m! infact i dont buy trousers from them as i never found any that fit right, but i do use them for long sleeved tops that are good for layering :)

AlpinePony · 27/02/2012 07:29

Imo they're not cut for people with arses & thighs. I have to head straight for their muumuu section! ;)

Hatesqvc · 27/02/2012 07:49

Thanks ladies, I think I might stay away from buying jeans from there.Smile

OP posts:
MuckyStudent · 27/02/2012 07:52

Yeah I can get into a size 10 top/dress from there but the size 12 jeans I bought wouldn't fasten so I'd probably need a 14! Shame cos they had some nice skinnies in at the weekend but I couldn't be arsed to try them on so left it. Had their sizes been more consistent I would have just took the chance

SlinkingOutsideInFrocks · 27/02/2012 08:25

Their sizes come up 'small' - which means they're probably much more accurate than the more generous, vanity-sized clothing around - but their jeans are often good, so worth the trawl.

Hatesqvc · 27/02/2012 08:47

Yes I think I need to go and try em out, thanks.

OP posts:
maz78 · 28/02/2012 16:12

Their sizes are all over the place! I went in yesterday and came out with 2 different pairs of jeans: an 8 and a 10. I'm usually an 8 but the second pair of jeans came up VERY small!
I always seem to come back to H&M skinny jeans, they're good value and fit me well (I have no hips or arse though).
And at £14.99 check out the coloured skinnies, I've now got turquoise and bright pink and I'm loving them!

H&M tops come up quite small as well in my experience.

Definitely go in and try things on!

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